Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some really fun pics I took last week! The top two were from our own downtown area. I found some locations that are photography gold! I loved the backgrounds of these places and was so glad to happen upon them. My ever patient family willingly indulged in my analness to find the perfect photo backdrop! ;) I have some very good looking models though, dontchya think? The bottom pic is my precious newborn niece. We were so lucky to get to spend time with them this last week. Unfortuneately, it was through bittersweet circumstances that we were able to visit with them (my grandma passed away last Sunday). We are very close to my brother and his wife and girls and love any chance we have to be with them. The girls are thrilled to have another girl to fight over! =) I found some time albeit short - to scrap too! One of my goals is to make a header for this blog, and I'm working on the 50th anniversary album for my in-laws. I'm waiting on the pictures to arrive in the mail and can't wait to get started with all of those heritage pics up to current ones. I've got some Jenni Bowlin goodies to play with. I think her stuff will go beautifully with the older black and white pictures. Well - I've got to make some spiced-pumpkin muffins with frosting for my Bible Study tonight. Love my Bible Study sisters!! I'm not one who is known for my time management skills, and I have to fit a shower and making supper into a few hours! I'll post my layouts tomorrow!!

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