Friday, March 27, 2009

I know this is getting lots of attention on lots of blogs right now. . .so I had to have my fun too!
Spring Fling
Spring Fling - by princesschick on

I had so much fun "dreaming" of what I would put together if $$ was not an issue. . .and it always is, isn't it? ;-P

So our weekend plans inlcude Komet's hockey game tonight for hubs and a few kiddos. The rest of the fam is staying in with me watching movies and hangin' in our pj's trying to get over the flu. I am going to get some more cards made and other craft stuff. That is one nice thing about being trapped at home! Lol. The kids are officially on Spring Break. We usually don't take our vacays during Spring Break, as we like to vacation in October, so hopefully the days are nice and warm so the kids can play outside. Trying to think of other activities to do with them besides go to Burger King playland. Hehehh. Any ideas??

I like to share some linky goodness at least once a week. . .so here goes
Lovin' these reusable eco friendly snack sacs by Waste not sacs

Lately I have had a thing for bird necklaces. . .not really sure why - it's not like I'm a bird fanatic or anything, but they look so whimsical and cute on jewelry. Necklace by Joannarutter

Love her crafty supplies. . .especially these buttons! Seller

Adorable magnetic boards. . .great for trinkets of inspiration! Shabby Vintage Mom

Hope you enjoyed the fun links! Have a great weekend!! =)


ally serrato said...

your version of polyvore is the best ive seen ~ so yes ~ they are everywhere, but you get the award!!!
cute blog!!
{xoxo} ally

Carrie said...

your work is awesome! thanks for it all!

pamala said...

Lovely! tfs the fab links too!