Friday, April 24, 2009

In honor of my friend who passed away last Saturday, I decided to do a "Five for Friday". . .something that she did on her family blog. I'd love to keep her tradition of that alive, and it's a great idea to list five things I am thankful for. So, without further ado:

1. A warm sunny day!

2. Our local UHL hockey team made it to the playoffs and we're going to the game tonight!

3. Garage sale season - YAY!!

4. Quickutz is making these adorable new designs that I can't wait to collect and use on my creations!

5. "Scrap Therapy" Need I say more? =)

(I used glimmer mist, butterfly masks, glitter, stitching, sequins, HS stamps, Hambly, Prima flowers. . .all my faves)

It felt good to sit down and create. I just started keeping an art journal too. Now THAT is fun! No inhibitions, just sit down and whatever techniques you have wanted to try but are too scared to because you don't want to ruin a page. . .I love the messiness and self expression of it. So. . .what are YOU thankful for today? =)


McMGrad89 said...

I love your blog. I was sorry to hear about your friend. The Five for Friday is a great idea. I like yours. Hope you enjoy the Hockey game.

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. I know you and the girls will have a blast "training" your new young man.


Tina said...

I never knew Rachel, but my heart goes out to her family. I have the same heart condition she passed away from so I guess it really hits home with me. She has been in my prayers.

I love the Five for Friday. I may have to start doing this as well (if that's OK with you!)

By the way, your layout is gorgeous!!!!! LOVE those flowers trailing up the side!

Michelle McGee said...

That's a beautiful layout!