Friday, May 8, 2009

Five for Friday!

So this is a little late in the day. . .but better late than never, eh?

1. We just booked a cruise with the Hindles, our best friends! Yay!! Oh and did I mention sans kids?? ;-)

2. Another one of my lo's made it to the twopeas top10!

3. Just started a "fairy garden" with my girls. . .our new summer project. SOOooo fun and excited about this one. Got a cute little gnome and some 'lil mushroom stakes. I'd like to get one of these little doors to prop up against a rock or the fence

This is an example of what it could look like - isn't it the cutest?

4. Picnic at the park tomorrow with our family and some friends

5. Expecting this fun kit in the mail! Can't wait to play with that stencil and the sprays!

Leavin' you with a silly pic inspired by flickr (only their's is much better. . .my girl wouldn't stay still!) Hehehh.

Have a fantastic Mother's Day to all my readers and friends who are mommies and who are celebrating their mommas! =)


Jenneke said...

Hi Amber, love this post!!!!
What a lovely project you're starting in you garden! And that picture of your daughter is so funny!!
Thanks for helping me with the blog-thing!! Hope you don't mind I now have a backgound of Hof3 too..
LOVE this one soooo much!!

Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day too!

Euphoria said...

a cruise!?! LUCKY!!

Hope you had a great mothers day!