Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Finds!

WARNING: Heavy photo post!
Wooo hooo! It's Friday! =D As promised. . .I have taken some pics of my fun finds this week from garage saleing (it almost sounds like a sport, no?) . I assure you - if you weren't convinced before that garage saleing is for you, you will be after seeing my cah-ute finds! Heheh.
Here is a pic of some of my finds in a grouping.

Let's begin with this. . .vintage pyrex. Now I have never been a fan or really noticed these dishes, but this one spoke to me!

I adore the pattern and the color. I will be hounding for these at future garage sales now!

Nestle cups. . .now these bring back memories! My brother and I had these cups as children and they were our "special" cups. You know - the ones that make you feel better when your sick, or you drink it with your special after school snack? I am so happy to have found these (I purchased two).

Vintage Bambi book. My heart jumped a little when I spotted this. I have seen so many people do some fun things with vintage children's books. All the ways I could alter little projects came to mind. Of course I love the illustrations and the text!

This frame. I painted it and already cut out a sweet "Bambi" illustration. This is still a work in progress. I'm not quite thrilled with it yet. Hmmm. When it is finished it will reside in my scrap space, where I love to keep bright colorful and cheerful things that inspire me or make me happy.

Now of course there are the normal garage sale finds like clothes and shoes and fun hair stuff for the girls that I did not take pics of, but I am pretty happy with my finds from last week. =)

THIS is something that I purchased this week. I know I know. . .I am not 12, I am a 31 year old woman. I love these little dolls though! They are called "Momiji" dolls. There are lots of different ones, and they are colorful and funky and have little slips of paper that you can hide in the bottom and write a "secret" message on. Isn't she cute?

Lastly. . .My 5 for Friday!

1. Holiday weekend

2. Going out with Hindles tonight to movie and eat and bike ride

3. Going to Michigan for the weekend to stay at my brother and sil's!

4. Fireworks Saturday (I seriously love to go to fireworks)

5. Summer kick off!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


Beth Perry said...

Oh and I am sooo jealous you are getting lake time! lol We always go to the lake on this weekend..but, we are all staying home to save $$. I will be scrapbooking, though and that makes me happy! lol
Great finds! Have a wonderful weekend!

Aimee said...

Omg, that pyrex...awwweessssome! Love the bird pattern. Yay!

Jenneke said...

I LOVE photoposts, so you don't have to warn me, lol!!
You scored such great items, that frame and the pyrex are wonderful!!
And yes, it's nice to scrap together with my sis, but she lives about one hour driving, so that's not near by. I would also love to have some scrapping-friend in the neighbourhood!
Wishing you a GREAT weekend!!

Amy Muffoletto said...

Garage sales are awesome. I am visiting you from Jenneke's blog. I am excited to check out your blog. Looks like I gonna like it here. Yayyy, Love your finds.

kenner said...

um ... i might have to steal the pyrex. love that design!!

Becky said...

I love your blog! :) Very cute finds! That frame you made is awesome.

deana said...

Such cute & FUN stuff you found! Especially ♥ that painted frame!

Have a fun weekend in Michigan! :-)

sandra said...

love the pyrex-awesome color