Thursday, January 14, 2010



Polaroid PIC 1000

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Love the woodgrain one. . .swooooon!

My new etsy print. . .I love sunshine, and especially during these blah winter days. Got it here!

Also looky here

I broke down and bought them. =) I love them!

My new find

Found it at Pier One, and I currently have it in my entry way with tags that I've made, atc's and pictures.

Just purchased this. . .

and I love it!! I know it's getting some flack because a lot of the recipes are already on her website and it's got a lot of pics as opposed to more recipes, but I happen to think it is FAB! If you're like me, and enjoy having step by step tutorials with pics then you will love it too. It's so great to know what the food is supposed to look like when you're finished, and another thing I love is the ingredients are most likely things you already have in your pantry/fridge. I made the chicken spaghetti this week and it was a family pleaser. I'm making the Potato skins for the Colts game on Saturday (GO COLTS!). =) Got it on Amazon.

See? No point in this post. . .just completely random. =) Enjoy your Thursday.


Sara said...

I have that book too, and I have already made like five things out of it! It's so great! Have you seen her Dulce De Leche coffee recipe on line? Got to try it, so yummy! Haven't tried the chicken spag yet, but it's on my list!

Sara said...

Ok, let's see.. the coffee thing, the chocolate sheet cake (YUM), Chicken fried steak... the flavor is really good, the boys loved it, but it was so rich, it gave me a stomach ache! My husband made the calzone, which was good. But, I have to say my favorite thing so far was edna mae's sour cream pancakes. They are super fast, and easy, perfect for the morning rush.

deana said...

FUN finds! Lucky you! That camera DOES rock!

Your comment made me laugh today. And, yeah ummmm, NO to crocs! LOL!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there, I found your blog off of Elsie's. I had so much fun looking around! That woodgrain camera is awesome! Take care, Anne

Tina said...

OK, so now I need those mugs, that frame from Pier One, and that cook book. Thanks for costing me a bunch of $$$ Amber!!!! ;)

Sara said...

You need an updated post, since this is the third comment i've left on this one..I look like a stalker! LOL! Ok, I'm going to try making the potatoes, I can't believe your two year old ate three of them! I made the chili for my boys the other day and the picky one said he loved it and ate every bite! I also made the Penne ala Betsy, it was good, nothing great, but not bad.

Sara said...

PS- loving the mugs! For some reason I didn't pay that much attn to them the first two times I commented :0)