Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I continue to be astounded at the generosity of others. . .particularly with people that they have never even met or do not know. I was the recipient of such a person this week.

I met this sweet sweet person because of what has transpired with my mom. My mom is a Christian fiction author and this girl is also an author. Little did I know, she is a scrapbook author as well! We hit it off immediately and emailed back and forth. She was such a source of encouragement to me and asked if she could send some scrapbook goodies since she saw from my blog that I liked scrapbooking (ummm. . .YES PLEASE!). ;-) I could not believe how generous she was and she sent such happy cheerful goodies. She also threw in two of her books that she wrote!

I told her I was starstruck by her scrapbooking celeb status, but she was so humble about it and thought it hilarious that someone thinks she is famous. ;-) You can find her humerous blog and her amazing work here (Courtney Walsh).

I hope I didn't embarrass her too terribly, but I am so delighted that people like this exist in the world. I am so happy to have met her through this yucky time. So good can come from bad. There you have it. Proof. You can find her books here and here. Thank you again, Miss Courtney, for allowing the Lord to use you!

In keeping with my normal postings, I wanted to share with you a blog that knocks my socks off with inspiration. It's photography related, but there are some ideas for us crafty gals too. . .It is Design Aglow. I have spent mucho time there today drooling over all of the products they carry and all of the ideas people submit using their products. Here are a few of my faves:

The cameras. . .swooooon!!

I want to share this with you too. It is special to me because it showcases the kind of relationship my parents share. . .

PS. . .My mom is having her surgery tomorrow! I would love prayers on her behalf! Thanks to all who read and to those who take the time to comment too. . .it means so much to me and I have loved getting to know my online friends!


Sara said...

Prayers, coming your way!

CUTE page!

deana said...

Adorable & meaningful page, Amber.... I totally love it! Saying prayers & sending lots of hugs your way!

PS... lovin' the "happy mail!" Very, very cool!

Greta Adams said...

that my friend is what i love about this hobby....the support and our pour of generosity for others...

that was incredibly sweet of her and i must check out these books.

you and your mom and dad are in my prayers

Ane Mulligan said...

Amber, we're all praying like mad for your mom. We're ringing the phone off the hook in Heaven. ;)

I know she's going to be healed! See you in March.

Stephanie said...

Will pray for your mom. How sweet of her to send those goodies your way! Very nice :)

Courtney Walsh said...


You are too much! What a sweet, sweet post. And I absolutely love your scrapbook page! :)

So glad to connect with you...and still praying for you!