Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh happy day

So sorry I've been MIA. . .I've been doing photo shoots and taking care of my sweet mom among other things. I am SO happy that March has arrived! In Indiana, it is overcast in the winters. It can be a real downer. So I relish the warm weather and sunshine! I love love warm climates and could move to sunny Florida in a heartbeat. We had a beautiful day today with sunshine and I do believe my daffodils are starting to peek through. Making today even sweeter, was happy mail!! I love buying scrapbooking product. Especially product that doubles for other uses, such as cute packaging. So my latest little splurge has been on deco tapes. Etsy is filled with kawaii stores that carry these tapes. I received them today and cannot wait to use them! Here's what I picked out. . .

Pretty Tape



Remember my little obsession with matryoshkas? =)

from the same seller as above

Cannot wait to break them out this week while I play with my new kit, which brings me to my next piece of happy mail. . .my March Crazy Daisy kit!!
Check out all of the cheerful goodness. . .and ladies it is packed full of all kinds of goodies! Remember that every kit comes with a mini book? I can't wait to get started on mine.

Here is the mini kit

They were so sweet. . .they even included treats!

What a warm welcome! I felt immediately part of their scrapbookin' family. I mean anyone who shares my love for scrapbooking and M&M's is like family. ;-) Thank you Jennifer and Kim! It made my day!

Then of course I got my new Anthro and JCrew catalogs, so it has been a sweet day. It's even made up for having to call a plumber today for a clogged bathroom and kitchen sink because I put some kind of plant filler down the disposal. I hate it when they make me feel like an idiot for putting something other than food down the disposal. Like I don't already know it was stupid. That's why I called you, now shut your mouth and unclog my drain pretty please. I have done this before. Sigh. I believe I've finally learned my lesson. *mini rant over*

I thought I'd end my post with pics from my e-session over the weekend! My niece is getting married this summer.

My personal fave

Loved working on this one! Such a fun outcome.

You can find the prop used in the photo here.
You can see more by clicking on my flickr link to the left. =)

Now off to leave you all some love and catch up on my blog reads!


Sara said...

Wow, those pics are great! I am doing the same thing, I was at the wonderful amazing Target today, and Trader Joes, and they both have flowers and herbs and all kinds of good stuff to plant. But, I held back. Usually it snows here one more time before Easter. So happy to hear that your mom is doing good!

Jocelyn said...

Wow! Such great pictures! You are amazing:-) That scrapbook tape looks awesome...can't wait to see what you do with it. I am so excited March is here too. I have flowers coming up...yea spring is so close!!

Joyeful said...

I'm obsessed with russian nesting dolls, too! I just took a picture of an old set my MIL gave me and plan to post it soon! LoL! Your photography is so fun and original! Love it.

And scrapbook tape? Oh, I'm all over that!

Julie Johnson said...

Fun post! LOVE scrapbook tapes. I can't wait to get scrapping again and using all my pretty things that have been tucked away. What an exciting package of goodies you have to play with!

deana said...

Cute photos, cute deco tape & a cute kit! Can't wait to see what you do with it all! A fun post inspite of the depressing weather... :-)

chinamommy said...

I'm famous for clogging the garbage disposal! I mean isn't it there for me to put stuff down in it? isn't it suppose to grind up anything? duh- it's the one with the problem!! I also put things in the dishwasher... don't put your glasses in there if the heat dry is on (or maybe just never put them in there?!) they get super clean and super wonky! Paintbrushes full of paint is another thing that shouldn't be put in there...
Oh wouldn't that be great to move south?! i'm even farther North than you... I'm dreaming of Maui (every single day!!)

Mara... said...

What great photos!!! Isn't happy scrappy mail the best? Can't wait to see what you do with all your new goodies!

Courtney Walsh said...

I love your pics so much, Amber, they are just wonderful!! :)

We were happy for some sunshine next door too...thankfully, Illinois is clearing out the snow. Call me crazy but I have a feeling we'll get one more big dump before we can truly say hello to spring! I hope I'm wrong!!

PS. I love those kits! :)

Greta Adams said...

those are the cutest lil props and i love all the photos you took...gorgeous...

and did you see you won the tessa ann buttons from noel...woot woot...that is another little spirng happiness