Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little Spring in my step :-)

WARNING: Photo heavy post. :-)
Yikes! A little over a week since my last post. We've had some gorgeous weather here, so please forgive me for neglecting my blog last week. We played outside and ran errands. When the sun is out and it's warm, I love to go for drives. I go shopping even though I don't need or want anything, just so I can get out of the house. Do you do that? Target is where I usually hit up. I grab a Starbucks and just soak in the sun and walk around and get excited for cookouts on the patio, garden lights, the firepit, croquet (yes - I am a nerd), and flowers if I'm lucky. I do NOT have a green thumb, sadly enough. I wish I knew what I was doing when it comes to planting, but I'm seriously lacking in that department. I have to rely on flickr and blogs for ideas.
Here are some pics of patios that I luuuurve in my inspiration file:

I found those in a magazine last summer, but I can't remember which one!

In a Martha Stewart mag.


This next one just might be my fave. :)


This weekend I had a photography event. There is a conference for Christian authors in September that I am the photographer for, and this past weekend they had the board members for the ACFW in Indianapolis. My husband and I had a wonderful time away! I was busy, but on Fri. evening, we ventured out to a mall that has Potterybarn stores and Anthro! You all who have those stores where you live are some lucky dogs! It is such a treat to visit these stores and I bought a few goodies. My fave is this!

Nesting doll measuring cups (from Anthro)! Could they be any cuter?? Sigh. Life is complete. ;-)

To prepare for the photo shoots, I purchased some frame molds from Bake It Pretty. I made the chocolates and packed 'em up all pretty and put them in teal gift sacks. I also had my cute new business cards and of course had to have some professional (yet very stylish) liberty of london for Target folders!

My full reveals on those lo's I posted last week are up on the Crazy Daisy blog. =)
I also finished my mini. I chose to do a mini on all things "new and fresh" that I love. One thing that I like to do is pick out magazine pics that help to tell my story. I don't always have the time or patience to drive around town or go all over the house snapping pics of what I need to tell my story. I have plenty of magazines though and can always find a pic that fits what I'm looking for!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!


Brock Family said...

I love your patio!!! :-) I enjoy checking out your blog too! I can't remember how I found it but it is very fun!!! Have a good week.
Corey Brock
New Smyrna Beach, FL

deana said...

Totally ADORABLE LO's, Amber!

And I'm loving your patio inspo. We're supposed to have a pretty decent week here, so that will add to my longing for SPRING! :-)

Have a great week!

Elaine said...

those pics from your inspo file are DELIGHTFUL!!!! Especially the one with the colorful tablecloth and flowers. lovelovelove. Makes me want spring RIGHT NOW!

Ruthie said...

You mean you were here in Indy and didn't let me know so I could meet you???

Oh. Right. You probably didn't know that I live on the south side of Indy. Okay. Sorry. But it would have been cool to meet even for just a quick cup of coffee.

Love and prayers to your mom.

Sascha Schmidt said...

I melt away. each terrace, I would put in my garden if I had only a garden. you inspire us and me. thank you
warm greetings from austria, sascha

chinamommy said...

we had snow saturday!!! SNOW!!!! i am dreaming of a patio re-do!!
your indy trip sounds fun and the folders... so pretty!

Courtney Walsh said...

I am working on patio design now too...completely green thumb-less. :( I love your inspiration pictures! Also love your business cards!! :) Super cute :)

Sara said...

So cute! I go crazy this time of year, with outdoor stuff. It seems to be the only thing that is on my mind. I want to do my front deck this year, it's the area that's been neglected the most since we moved here. Today, I got two new Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail with a 25$ if I could just decide what to buy! I saw those folders and clipboard yesterday in Target, SOOOOOOO darling! Nice to see you put them to good use!

katie said...

your business cards are GORGEOUS, amber! wow. i really like how you designed them.

and as for porch ideas... i think whoever came up with stringing chinese lanterns up was a genius. i really love that idea.

i left you some love on the crazy daisy blog and um. i just now noticed you live in indiana, too! i totally should've realized that earlier this month. yikes!

C. said...

Amber, thank you for visiting my blog, your comment was kind and so very true. I have the greatest friends and I keep them close to my heart even though I don't see them often enough. Your blog is a treat for the eyes. Love the shot of the guy(s) walking towards the girl. I'll check back!

Stephanie said...

All the patio shots make me really want summer to hurry up and get here! So cool!
And what a great mini! :)