Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here is a new pic of my little man that I took this week. LOVE how just his little eyes are peeking up. He is so small in that giant highchair. TOok this with my fisheye lens and I think it just adds such a fun effect!

What a crazy week - I keep intending to update this and then life happens. Soooooo much laundry now that little man has joined us! Homeschooling two kiddos, trying to finish painting little man's room, networking for my scrapbooking - it's fun and I'd like to join a design team someday. That would mean more scrap goodies. . .at a discount! Hubby would LOVE that! ;) I'm so excited, the girl I took pics for loves them. She has showed them to others who now want to book me for Fall and Winter! Yay! To top it all off, I just signed up for a photography class online from a well-known (in the scrapbook industry) photographer!!! That will give me just the confidence I need. So looking forward to it. My fave new site right now?? There is so much eyecandy there. I have been totally inspired by what I see and the girls are so amazing and actually respond to posts. They also have great stuff in the boutique that I've got my eye on. . .poor hubby! Well - off to do more laundry and get the house straightened.


Diann Hunt said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!! WOW, what a doll he is!!! Never seen a cuter little boy in my entire life--well, except for my own son, but this kid a close second. LOVE it!!!! Great way to put the photo together too. Adorable!!!

Mom *G*

Colleen Coble said...

Oh he looks adorable! I've never seen a fisheye photo before. Very cool!

debbiec said...

teehee! that is just too cute! very cool effect with the fisheye lens!