Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today has been a good and busy day. It began with my 4 year old coming into my room and crying because "her nose was sniffing her real hard." =) I love the things my little ones say! I had a friend call and ask if I would like her to stay with my kiddos today so I could run errands. Um - YEAH BABY!! Soooo - I grocery shopped in record timing without 4 children fighting and hanging on me and pushing the grocery cart into other people and asking if they can hold this and that and can they have this and that. . .you get the idea. In reality they are not that bad. I also dropped off a cd of some pics I did for my first photo shoot of someone's kids other than my own. I really hope she liked them. I think they turned out purdy cute if I do say so myself. That's a sample of one. The mom likes the storybook/fairy pictures. Welp - off to do some late night scrappin' since the kiddos are asleep!!

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debbiec said...

um, yeah!!! that photo is gorgeous, girl!!! i can't wait to see more!