Friday, January 11, 2008

We're baaaaack!!!

Okay - I have been terrible about blogging, but I have an excuse! Our house flooded. Yup - on December 4th we awoke from our peaceful slumber to our 7 year old running in our room at 5:30am telling us there was water everywhere in the bathroom. Now with 3 girlies in the house, it is not an uncommon thing to have the toilet overflow from the use of too much toilet paper. So my hubs and I just assumed that was the source. We were wrong. A pipe had burst and when we went downstairs we found we were in water up to our shins! To make matters worse, our smoke alarm had gone off and we began to smell smoke (the wires in the ceiling and walls were hot and caused some electrical problems with all the water saturating them.) - so the fire department came to our house. It was pretty crazy. Sooooo, what else to do but pack up and move in with my mom and dad! That's where we've been for a little over a month. We finally got back in our house on Monday. There is still much to do, but it is so good to be back in our normal routines. There is truly no place like home. So much has happened in the last month, so I will be doing some posts just to gush about the pics I took in that month (I had little else to do). =) I leave you with some cutesy pics of my son. . .

his daddy has this matching hat!

Our little Yoda - haha! I think his little expression here is so funny!
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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