Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm one of those moms. . .

Yesterday morning, I was nursing my son in our room while two of my girlies were downstairs (supposed to be on the couch watching cartoons) when my doorbell rings. My oldest daughter yells that it is a policeman. Panic immediately sets in as my mind races with what loved one could be injured or what could be happening. I answer the door and there are three policeman. I ask the one if everything is okay. He then asks me the same. I say "Yes, why?" he proceeds to tell me that a 911 call was placed from this residence. I am flabbergasted as I do not recall dialing that number (the thought of my little angels doing such a thing escapes me). I told him that I did not place a call, and he says "Maybe the children?" I yell, "Did anyone call 911!??" Two of my girls are stuttering and beginning to whimper. I realize we are guilty and apologize profusely after turning a few shades of red! Lol!

If I'd had my wits about me, I'd have invited the kind officer in to have a little chat with the guilty party. Instead I took them upstairs and wrung their little-ahem-had a chat of my own with them! Later, I asked them what made them think to call 911? We have had discussions before about what to do in an emergency, but it's been awhile, and something had to make this fresh on their brains. They then tell me that they watched a cops show with daddy while I was at Bible study the other night! Guess daddy has some explainin' to do, ya think?

I've heard of this happening to other moms, but now I'm one of them. Live and learn!

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