Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a crazy weekend. The girls had their basketball game, and we do all of our errands on the weekend. We are super busy with our other business Phonechexx right now. That is good, but just means a lot of extra work (especially for my husband). We own a mystery shop business where we place phone calls to storage facilities (that hire us) pretending to be potential customers. We then grade the calls and send them to the facilities. It helps them with their customer service skills. We have expanded quite a bit, so it truly is a blessing. We are still waiting on the claims for our insurance regarding our flood. I am looking forward to getting new rugs and hopefully picking out a new couch and table and chairs. There were so many little things ruined in the flood like picture frames that they dropped and broke, and water stains on things they dropped and left there. Hopefully they will replace those things and I'll get some retail therapy in there! I have to take a break from subscribing to some of my scrapbook kit clubs. It is so addictive and unfortunately costly. There's just something about getting packages in the mail that makes my heart flutter. We are trying to rid ourselves of any debt and unfortunately that means sacrificing some things. Ugh! The inner turmoil! =(
Well - I can't go into any details now, but Sunday was a most difficult day. I have been stewing over what happened ever since. I decided to take a break from laundry and household duties to "craft". This always helps me calm my nerves. I accomplished this yesterday. . .

It was a Jenni Bowlin project from this month. I love her projects. They are vintage and always have a unique and fun way to display photos. I sprayed the metal with chalkboard paint and made all of the magnets. I even copied her quote because it holds great meaning to what I am going through now and even what I have been through these last few years. The lighting is poor, so you may not be able to see the pics, but I chose the one of my mom, because she is so strong in my oppinion - having survived cancer. The picture is of her holding my son for the first time (she had to wait six weeks while they ruled out the possibility of her cancer being tb). It was so therapeutic to make that yesterday. As I sanded each flower I worked out a lot of frustration and hurt! Lol. My sweet husband even took us to dinner last night so we could have a good family night. We had to call it an early night because a winter storm warning was in effect - which, by the way - we woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning!! Beautiful to look at - but soooooo ready for it to go away! Lol. Okay - I leave you with my new favorite pic. . .

and one more - just because I know my mom will see this and it will rip her heart out to see her grandson crying. I'll include a happy one too.

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on the wings of prayer said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your darling children. I see your 3 girls together and get excited about someday seeing my 3 girls together. :)
I've been praying for you. One of these days we should chat on the phone. Not like I don't have time on my hands. :) Anyway, hope you're doing well!