Friday, February 15, 2008

No more pictures. . .

You would never know that he was a fourth child. I have more pictures of him than probably the girls. Only because my love for photography has grown, and because he is our only boy. Yesterday he was growing tired of me taking pictures as you can see. He was ready for his bath.

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. My husband and kids and I went to a Madants basketball game and watched with our extended family from a skybox. Not romantic? No way - but that came later. =) It was fun being with our kids, and eating bottomless buttery popcorn and drinking sodas and well - not really watching the game! My husband had reservations for us to eat at the Cork n Cleaver. A cozy and romantic local place for dining. They have their menus on cleavers. Our reservations were for late at night, so we virtually had the place to ourselves. The fireplace was on and we ate by candlelight. They are known for their prime rib and the best salad bar EVER - I mean - have you ever seen caviar at a salad bar? We had a wonderful time connecting.

My Friday has been pretty good so far too. I got together with a friend for coffee this morning while her daughter watched my kids. Two days in a row of getting out of the house without kids! =O I adore my kids, but every mommy needs some "mommy time"! =) Ah, back to reality. I am hoping to get to scrap a little tonight after the kiddos go to bed. For now, I leave you with my latest projects - and hopes for a happy weekend!!

The last few pics aren't posting, but you get the idea - Happy Friday!!


Jim said...

Why is my grandson's hair ORANGE?

Diann Hunt said...

Love the scrapbook pages! :-) My grandson doesn't look happy with that whole bath thing.

Sounds like you had an awesome Valentine's Day! Whoohoooo!!! Let's see, I had the flu. :-(

Aaron said...

Wow, great pictures. I especially like this one in the sink. Very professional. I'll be sure to check in on your blog frequently.