Friday, March 7, 2008

Uh Ohhs - looks like I got a little behind in my updates. A busy week this week. Thank goodness for the weekend. We have had so much happen in the course of a few weeks. We have made the heartbreaking decision to move in a different direction where our church is concerned. It is most certainly bittersweet. There is much relief, but heartache as well. Without going into detail, we are going to be looking for a new church. I am looking forward to finding one where we can hopefully settle and our kids can make lifelong friendships. Speaking of the kiddos (good segway, eh?), they had a really fun playdate at the Hindles yesterday. Meg and I had a wonderful time connecting (if you can call yelling above the noise and getting cut-off anytime we tried to speak a sentence connecting). =) Seriously though - I love that girl! She has been a real source of encouragement and we've been through lots together. So looking forward to that celebration next week Hindles!! =) Last night we went out to Casa's with Ryan and Amber (Kyle's nephew and his wife). They had their little guy and we had a babysitter for the girls and brought our little guy. It was so fun watch them interact together! After dinner we went to their house (they live in our addition) and played Rock Band on their xbox pro-it was so much fun!! We all rotated instruments, and I must say I think I might have a little hidden percussion talent! ;)

So - tonight I think will be a family night with the kiddos. Some things that I HAVE to get done:

1. Send in insurance claims so we can get our new couch!!
2. Finish invoicing for Phonechexx so we can have money
3. Pay off bills
4. Get passports for cruise
5. Do laundry
6. Do my Bible study and finish reading my mom's book (For Better or Worse) - found here:
7. Oh yes - and scrap!

These are the things tickling my fancy of late:

Saving my pennies for this beauty - a boutique camera bag - I'm getting one in a few weeks-WOOOHOOO!

This just cracks me up. . .

And check out this little pretty - I love her girl clippies - since, ummm I have 3 girlies to use them on! ;)

All of the above found on etsy - one of my favorite sites. I just love handmade goodies. ETA - I can't figure out how to include the links to these pics and I want to give appropriate credit to the artists who made these - if anyone knows how - please let me know!

I leave you with a fun picture of the girls - their Nanny got them these hats, and with all the stinkin' snow we have - they were wonderful purchases!

I don't want to overwhelm with all my photos-so I'll wait 'til later to post my latest scrap creations! ;) TGIF!! Have a good one!

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on the wings of prayer said...

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. Your girls are simply beautiful, and your whole family could model together. I would love to chat sometime. Is there a day/time that works better for you? Most of my day is open. Praying for you!Pam