Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have you ever seen the fly?

Fly #1

Fly #2

Hehe - can ya tell we were a little bored today? Today was semi-productive. Any day that I tackle some laundry AND get it put away is productive. =) I even had fun little projects for the girl's school today (Horton hears a Who fun stuff). Any time a movie like that comes out, I try and figure out how I can tie it in with school so we can go see the movie together. ;) See? Homeschooling has it's advantages, eh?
Well - I read Ali Edward's "Life Artist" book this week, and wow how it inspired me. I have always felt a tug toward art and anything art related. I love to create - plain and simple. I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, crochet, reading, singing - I am completely right brained. Really - my head should be caved in on one side, because my left brain does NOT get used (I'm horrible at math!!). One of the entries in the book was about your life in a week. I love documenting our lives on earth for my kids to go through and my lineage. One of the excercises is to write down what you are greatful for everyday. I love that kind of positive thinking - so here goes:

1. A coffee today with whip cream!
2. I fit back into my skinny jeans today (after 8 weeks of working out!)
3. Staying home with my kiddos and having a fun day with them (with me not yelling)
4. Vanilla Caramel yankee candle
5. Baby kisses from X man
6. A sunny day where the snow is melting - YAY!
7. Yummy jazz music just downloaded on my ipod - seriously - this is like an instant Zoloft for my blood
8. Cooking while listening to my ipod stereo with a candle lit, drinking a coffee
Let's see - I suppose I can go for 10. . .
9. Two new scrapbook kits just waiting for me to play with them
10. A clean house!

Here are a few scrapbook projects I worked on over the last week:

this one was the most fun - I plan to add my favorites to it all through the year - like my fave stores, the things I purchase, movies, pics - things from travel, etc. If you want to see the whole thing - go to my sistv profile!
Well - for some reason - blogger won't let me add another pic, guess I'll post it later. Grrrrrr
Have a good Wednesday!

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