Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It has been awhile since my last entry! I have been a busy girl. We just recently returned from a cruise, and then that weekend went to visit my brother and sister in law, and then this weekend returned from another mini-vacation with our close friends the Hindles. We went to Kalahari - the nation's largest indoor water park. It was a great time and I will be posting pics from that soon. I have been doing a lot of scrapping too. I have to do a little bit at a time so I don't get too far behind. I have so many pictures to use. I have also been busy doing a lot of photography. Just trying new things and trying to fill up my frames at home! My pet peeve is having empty frames laying around waiting for pictures. I must fill them as soon as they are in the door.
So. . .back to the cruise. . .if you haven't gone on one - you MUST!! It is so much fun. We absolutely loved it. The weather was perfect, and the boat is moving so there is always a slight breeze. So the intensity of the sun was bearable. The food was beyond fantastic. I was pretty spoiled being able to order an appetizer, dinner and dessert and you could pretty much order the whole menu if that's what you wanted. There were a few nights where I ordered two entrees! SHHhhhh! ;) I worked out while on the ship so I could eat extra so it's all good. The ports were aMAZing! We docked in St. Thomas, Coco Cay Bahamas, and St. Maarten. We also did some of the excursions there. In St Thomas, we rode these underwater scooters on the ocean floor! That was something I'll never forget. We saw the most beautiful fish, and corral life. We also snorkeled which we discovered we LOVE. In St. Maarten, we did a zip line excursion (Kyle talked me into it). We were 30-40 feet above the ground dangling from a cable (harnessed in) and the zips were fun(?), but the tight rope and obstacle course ones had me ready to kill my husband. I was terrified and have never sweat so much in my life. I had a good prayer time with the Lord during that excursion. ;) Praying my life would not end! The islands were beautiful and the atmosphere was so happy and laid back. Kyle asked this one "native islander" where we could find a place to eat lunch quickly (we had to make it back to the boat for the excursion by a certain time). The friendly man responded with a suggestion of a place to eat but said, "eat lunch quickly? It's an island, mon." Haha! I loved that. I love how laid back and not rushed they are! Anyways - much more to share, but I'll cut it short for now and leave a few pics.
this is in St. Thomas

this is our ship docked in St. Maarten - isn't the water gorgeous?!

This is when we were ready to depart from St. Thomas at sunset. . .I love this pic!

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on the wings of prayer said...

It was so good to read a new entry on your blog. :) I am glad you got away on a cruise. I am assuming just you and Kyle. I think a cruise is the ultimate in relaxation. Sounds good to me right now since I don't get much sleep. We'll have to chat soon and catch up. Glad you're doing well!