Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yay!!!! I am so shocked and excited. I just logged onto the Two Peas website for some inspiration while I scrap, and saw the a layout I posted last week is the featured layout of the day and is in the top 10 of most viewed items in the gallery!! This has seriously made my day! =) I am totally doing the happy dance right now (the hubs even did the happy dance with me-although he has no clue why). Here is the link:
Whew! Okay - my heart is starting to return to a normal rhythm. I have been home with sick kiddos (3 outta 4 so far) with the flu. Poor M had it for 4 days with a high fever and throwing up and a "headache" in her eyes. The day she began feeling better, #2 got it! So, I have been scrapping since my house is clean and everyone is resting. I get a little stir crazy when i can't get out though, so this was a nice surprise to my day. It is also a beautiful sunny day - and that always lifts my spirits. Hope everyone's Sunday is going as pleasant as mine. =)


CandiMandi said...

your layout is really great! I can see why it was featured. Way to go hubby for doin the dance with you! haha

Yvonne said...

Very cool! What a cool way to validate your scrapping skills.