Friday, October 24, 2008

So my friday started off really good! I sent in a submission for the Noel Mignon kit challenge to win photoshop cs3, and while I did not make it into the running for that, I received an honorable mention which included a gift certificate to her site!! YAY me (as London Tipton would say from the Suite Life - I watch way too much Disney!)! I have just recently discovered her kits and boy does she fill them to the brim with goodies! I ordered "ghost story" and it does NOT disappoint! Thanks Noel, for the hm and for the gift certificate - can't wait to play with more kits! Check 'em out!
Here is the project I submitted for this challenge:

In other news, we finally got our claims back from our insurance from the great flood of '07! So YAY - this means that for the first time in the history of our 10 year marriage, we get to buy new furniture! Heh. It has been looooong overdue. I guess patience really does pay off. We just got our dining room table and chairs last night and I am so giddy. I actually can't wait to cook dinner so we can use it tonight. ;) It is nice and roomy, unlike our previous one - this one will seat 8 or 6 comfortably. We expect the new couch this next week. No more slipcovers!! The anal person in me went bananas always trying to straighten and tuck that thing in. I can finally let people sit on the couch without twitching because I wanted to straigten the wrinkles. Heheh! It def. feels like an early Christmas. So thankful! Also, because I just can't let a post go by without mentioning my kiddos. . .today was grandparents day at school, and the girls were in there very first program!! I was sooooooo proud!! They brought tears to my eyes, and let me say. . .the girls got rhythm! I was so tickled at how they were shake shakin'. Macy had a speaking part too and I think I was more nervous than she was - she did fantastic and remembered all her lines. Whew! I got a pic of Micah - but had to hold Xman while Macy was singing and he kept putting his hand on the lens and screamed when I would try to move it! Lol!

Oh yeah - and my computer will NOT let me open my photoshop or any other editing program b/c of ram - Grrrr - so we have to get it fixed b/c I cannot even compress an image until that is fixed. Trying to talk the hubs into buying a MAC. Anyone know where I can get a good one for cheap? Have a wonderful weekend!
Warm regards,


Greta Adams said...

YAY!! congrats on HM....i loved your project!! and the hat on the girl from her card..BRILLIANT!!!!

Rachel said...

about the MAC. Look for a refurbished one. Usually they are just ones that someone sent back for reasons other than it didn't work. My bro did that and got a GREAT deal.

Rachel A.

Lillsisslill said...

YAY you!!! congrats on HM!!!

Love that little card. And happy B-day even if I am a bit late and this is not the right post (31-b-day mentioned in the post before this one :))

Have a great weekend! Thank you for your comment on my little blog:)


PerfectPearDesign said...

I am wishing I had gone with a mac...sigh.