Saturday, November 15, 2008

So excited for the upcoming holidays! I have already been listening to Christmas music and crafting.
I just love the music this time of year and the decorations and the coziness of being home and watching old movies. I get really sappy about Thanksgiving and Christmas. My new craft love is embroidery. So I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I just think it has potential and looks so cute on tea towels or framed. My fave site for patterns is this  They also sell a great beginners kit that is easy enough for kiddos. I'm also in love with banners. I'm running out of places to hang these things. I just enjoy the way a string of garland or glittery stars or banners looks. This site has a great banner kit for sale. So I even got a little Christmas shopping done today, although I know people who already have ALL of their Christmas shopping done! I am not quite that organized. I actually received my present early from my dh this year. . .a new macbook pro! Yay!! I have had so much fun playing with Mr. Mac. . .

I just adore that glowing apple! Did you know that you can record yourself with a band on these things? There is a good chance that I am the only one with no life who messes with this feature. =) At least that's what dh tells me. Heh. I also was super surprised to receive the newest version of photoshop from him. I can't wait to play more with that! I guess that pretty much covers Christmas, Valentines, Anniversary and Birthday. =) So worth it though.
Darn blogger. . .I had more pics to add, but it's not working. Anyways - enjoy this season. I plan to make a Christmas journal following Ali Edward's prompt from her blog I had wanted to do this last year, but our flood kept me from being able to! I think that's a little why I just want to soak it all in this year. Last year was so rushed and crazy because of all the house and insurance stuff we were dealing with - not to mention living with my parents (which was wonderful by the way, just a little crazy at times!). I just think the season does go by faster and faster -especially with having little ones. I used to be a no-music-until-after-thanksgiving-girl, but I just want it to last a little longer this year. :-)

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