Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you feel the love?

All sorts of Valentines day activities goin' on around here! I love Valentines Day. Perhaps it's the extra attention I get from my husband or the scheduled date night that we have at least one time a year! Maybe it's making fun crafts and yummy foods with my kids. Whatever the reason. . .I just enjoy the extra opportunity we have to pamper the ones we love. I bought these cute little mailboxes from the $1 spot at Target and found an idea in one of my scrapbook mags to decorate them for my kid's v-day parties. Afterall, they can't just have little sacks with stickers! ;) It was so fun making them and even more fun to see the girl's faces when I showed them their little mailboxes. Since they were homeschooled before, this is their first "official" valentine's day party. They are so excited! I plan to make heart shaped waffles tomorrow and pack heart shaped sandwiches for their lunches. I love adding those extra special touches.

Here is one of the mailboxes. . .the other one was already sent to school.

Front view. . .

Back view. . .

In other news, we had a huge wind storm last night. It sounded almost like a tornado! Our trampoline was knocked over, the patio umbrella snapped and the bench on our front porch was tipped over. When I sat down to have my morning coffee, I discovered this:

A section of our fence blew down!! Ugh! Now everyone can see into my dining room - and I usually keep the windows wide open 24/7. I hate feeling like people are watching me though, and at night especially - so this will be a project that will need fixing soon. Hope no one else suffered too much damage. This Indiana weather is ridiculous. One day it is in the 60's and the next below freezing. I am ready for Spring! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and do something a little special for the ones you love, even if it's only a love note on a sticky! :)
Love, Amber


squillen said...

Oh no. We've been having some strong winds today. Your little mailbox turned out super cute!

Pegasus said...

Had the strong winds here in Louisville too. Sorry about your fence! Cute project!