Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am so happy. . .I found this new website called Bake it Pretty (there is a link in my sidebar). I actually found it from Danielle Thompson's blog. She made these chocolate "mustache" suckers for her son's valentines for his class and I fell in love with them. I kinda have a thing for candy molds. I pick them up a lot when I go to Michael's or Joanns. I have so many but have been a little intimidated by them. I don't want to mess them up and make the candy come out all wonky. The ones with different colors especially. But I don't think I could mess up a mustache. It's just one color and I can do that! Just look at how cute they are! This is what Danielle did with them. . .I love how she pays attention to detail when she photographs things. They always are displayed so cute and have a fab background. I also picked up a few other candy molds and a cupcake cookie cutter. I am excited to make these for my kiddos and take some fun photos. I think it will be a hit with them. Check that site out. . .it's got the cutest kitchy things!
These are a few things I have my eye on this week. . .for one - this site is totally inspiring me! I love the colors, the design of the site, the fonts. Be still my heart. I found it from a challenge on the Noel Mignon site.
I really like these from etsy:

from this seller

lurrrrrrve this!!

one of my fave artists

I have been dreaming of buying one of these, but I think I can make my own. They just make me happy (it doesn't take much. . .I'm tellin' ya).

She has some really cute ones!

Off to clean my house before the munchkins come home. We have extra visitors today too. . .My mother in law is going to have a coffee with me while my little niece plays with the girls. I've got LOTs of cleaning to do since hubs was alone with the kids last night. Heheh. =)


Diann Hunt said...

Love the links and the pictures. They are soooo you!!!

McMGrad89 said...

I love that jar!!!! Cute blog.