Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is gonna be a quickie since I am watching the Bachelor after the final rose show (a whooooole 'nother topic!) . Today I got so much accomplished as far as scrapping goes. . .my house is neglected and my kiddos went without food (not really) and I have a seriously high pile of laundry-clean, but piled high. I can't wait to post what I worked on, but I didn't finish until tonight and the lighting is too bad to take a pic. I have to post this super funny video. . .if it doesn't make you laugh - then seek counseling. You may have issues. ;-P *Pay close attention to the man in the car* Hehheh.

Here are a few layouts from this week. . .
My Baby

Blue Skies



belladrummer said...

I totally love your KR kit layouts!
I think they look awesome :)

amytangerine said...

love your layouts!
and am sooo glad you watched the stitching video on SIStv!

Spud said...

Ahhhhhhhhkkkkkkkk!!!!! Layouts are toooooooo cute!!!! And that video made me laugh so hard--reminded me of my grandma.

Noel said...

These LO's are *Fabulous* {said in my singy voice!} :)