Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am thrilled beyond words!!! I logged onto GCD Studios last night after a busy and stressful day to see how the blog party was going, and I saw this post! So I submitted some work for the DT position and I knew it was completely a long shot, but I really love their papers and I would love to be on a DT. The ladies they picked for the DT are insanely talented. I love to see the styles of other artists, so I enjoyed reading the bios and visiting their blogs. I just could not believe that I was picked to be a product tester! Yay!! Thank you to Heidi Sonboul, who was the coordinator in all of this. She had such kind and encouraging words to say about my work. I appreciate the opportunity so much! Okay. . .enough gushing, but I had to share or I would burst. =)

In other news, my mom and dad caved and gave in to this little sweetie!!

Isn't she the cutest? Her name is "Latte" and we are in love with her! I am babysitting right now. =) She is a cuddle bug and that tiny mushed in face just melts me.

It was the inspiration for this little ditty

close up

Hope the rest of the week is just as lovely! We are finally all healthy! Whew. Looking forward to warmer days and no snow! THis crazy Indiana weather - geesh! Around this time when most places have flowers blooming and 70degree weather with sunshine and I wake up to snow, I ask myself - "Why do I live in Indiana?" Lol! Ah well - at least my uggs get some good useage. =)


Jenn said...

oh my gosh, I love your dog. So cute!!!

chinamommy said...

Congratulations to you, you talented lady, YOU!!
why do you live in IN? i have NO idea why, because i live in MI & HATE the weather. i was in Maui in Feb & wonder why we don't all live there, it is PERFECT!

Lilith said...

love your work! I'm adding you to my bloglines:)

euphoria said...

congrats to you, that is great news!

what a cute little pup there!

Little Miss Crafty said...

love that dog :)
nice blog


Gigi said...

& i LOVE your puppy layout...SO insanely fantastic!!

hope the sun & flowers make an appearance for you soon :)

snuggle that pup!


Sandy said...

hey girl!!! did you get your manhandled pins yet?? hope so! also, just popped by b/c i saw that you WON something on the sassafrass blog!!! woooot!! (-: congrats!

ally serrato said...

hey lady ~ congrats on the sassafrass win!!!

ally serrato said...

hey lady ~ yes ~ check flickr!!! rad stuff there,,, i got my inspiration from elsie and holly sarah :-D love it!!! have a great weekend!!!!

Pam said...

Oh how cute is that little doggy!!

deana said...

CONGRATS... I got picked by GCD on the Spotlight list! So very exciting! :-)