Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So nothing super exciting to report here, except I was the Friday Blinkie winner at Sassafras Lass - YAY!! I Love their products and check out their new stamps on the blog. . .I want them all! We had a wonderful Easter. The girls got the movie Bolt for an Easter gift, and they each had baskets in front of their doors in the morning. They found peeps, m&m's, bubblegum eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, and starburst jellybeans. Momma has the rest of that stash in her closet! Bwahahaha (evil laugh)! ;-) I love me some cadbury eggs. . . I pick some up every time I'm out and about and come home and lock my bedroom door and eat them. Did the easter bunny come to your house? I had intended to have "ugly monsters" for them that I was working on, but didn't finish them in time. I'll be sure to post them when they are finished. I think they'll turn out cute.
I moved my scrapbook area to the family room from the dining room. Not sure if I like it yet. Our dining room was the homeschool/craft area and it was kind of an inspiring place to create. I feel limited in our family room, yet I'll be with the family more and I like that idea. I could not get to sleep last night dreaming of how I could make it more "my area" and what kinds of pretties and storage things I could use in that room. I'd love to see links or pics of those of you who craft in your living/family rooms.
Here are a few crafts I completed over last week. . .
A little Easter egg ornament for Micah's teacher

A lo for the Scrapping Accross the Universe challenge

So now my little secret is out. . .I dream of having #5, and NO. . .I am not pregnant nor do I plan to be. Just a little daydream I have every now and then! Haha. ;-)

Well. . .I'm off to do some more spring cleaning projects. I leave you with my girlies eating their "mustache suckers" !


Elaine said...

omg i love the mustaches! haha and the ornament is SO cute! Glad you had a nice Easter. :]

that's one thing I'm looking forward to about having kids=filling easter baskets. :]

Heather Prins said...


Gigi said...

love your layout...the little flap? so cool :)

& i craft in my living room...we don't have a family room or a great room or whatever...just a living room where everything happens
i like it SO much actually because i can sit & do my thing while still being part of the action...watching movies w/ my husband...hanging with the kids...whatever...i love it :)

i think it also helps bring my kids INTO what i'm doing...rather than it being "oh my mom does that..." they pull up to my craft desk all the time & hang out & create something...i love that :)

amytangerine said...

oh how i love your hidden journaling and also those moustache pops!

deana said...

Adorable LO! Love that color/pattern combo! :-)

MandieGirl said...

What a cute little picture! :)

{Hilary} said...

Could you please e-mail me your mailing address so I can send you your Sassafras GOODIES??
Please e-mail me at: sassafras_marketing@sassafraslass.com.
Thanks Hilary`