Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been a crafting nut this week. I cannot get enough. There are weeks where I am lucky to work on one lo, but this week I have completely neglected my laundry (sorry you have no underwear, hon!) and have been just painting and collaging and making lo's like crazy. It kind of began with the Corey Moortgat book I mentioned in the previous post (link is in the prev. post too). Then I discovered this artist from this amazing artist's blog. One link leads to another and before too long I am screen sucking and just slobbering over all of the inspiring work I am seeing! I have never really experimented, so I just bought a water color pad and some mediums and have been trying new techniques. I also signed up for the collage class over at SIS and that has been fun too! I recommend it if you are unfamiliar with techniques like transfers and what all of the mediums are and what they do. It has been super helpful to me. These are the things that I've worked on so far. . .now I'm not crazy about how they've turned out, but I'm going to share them anyways because it's the process that I enjoy just as much if not more than the end result. Besides - I truly feel that with each one I've completed, I learned what to do or what not to do differently, so the mistakes really do help to get over that hump.

my first sad attempt

My second even sadder attempt

I kept trying to cover up mistakes so I just painted over them and then would make something else I didn't like. . .it must have like 15 layers of paper and writing and paint! Lol!

Getting better

My friend Deana is the guest DT over on the ad this challenge blog, and I think I may use this one for that challenge. You have to use 5 mediums, and I think I've accomplished that! I also used a label from a RAK I won on her blog. . .thanks girl! ;-)
It's inspired by the ad for Fresh Air campaign. Love the quote. . .kind of makes me teary eyed.

Used new magazine transfer technique from another inspiring mag ad.

So what has been inspiring you? Link me up!
Just so you don't think I am neglecting my kiddos while I craft - we have made some time for the pool. . .

Can you spot my serious sunbather? ;-)


ally serrato said...

amber - I think those paintings are soooon much fun - forget you callig it sad attempts,,,, I think they rock girly!!!!

Lilith said...

that's funny we are inspired by the same artists these times, I also like Sabrina Ward harrisson very much, do you have books from her? very inspiring!
Ok I go back to my journaling then!!

chinamommy said...

thanks for stopping by chinamommy & voting for me!! Yippeee, i'm only over 1,000 behind! LOL! Not sure where you are in IN, but i went to Hgtn College (Univ. now) & have family in IN- small world!
LOVE your work!

deana said...

Yes! You MUST submit that. :-)

Sheesh I wish I would've taken that class. WOW! Stunning art you've made... :-)

Lilith said...

thanks for your comment at my I'm not taking the class you're talking about, but it seems interesting!
have a nice weekend!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hi Amber
Nice work! Saw you in chinamommy's blog and wonder to visit yours too:)

I'm a art freak here too!


Sandy said...

omg - that is amazing - those pages are crazy. i'm am SO going to give the watercolors a!! can't wait to try the class at sis-con!!