Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's quite possibly my favorite week of the summer. The Three Rivers Festival. It's kicked off with a parade, and then there is the chalk walk and the art fair, live bands and Junk Food Alley! Mmmm. Where else can you buy a fried snickers, elephant ear and mozz sticks and top it off with a ginormous soda? I usually weigh 5 lbs more at the end of the week, but it's one week of bliss. There is so much to do in the Fort the week of "TRF" as it's affectionately known. You can be a tourist in your own town and lots of fun things, but my faves are the art fair/chalk walk, the yummy food, the fun activities for kids throughout the week and the jazz under the stars while watching the fireworks.

So we have a fun rest of the week ahead of this. It officially feels like summer now. Today we decided to forego the pool and break out the slip-n-slide. I read somewhere that you can add dish soap to the slip n slide to make it lots faster, so I thought I'd be a cool mom and give it a shot. I didn't think about the negative things that can result from that. As I sat there awaiting the first "Yippee!!" from the kids as they shot down that yellow strip of plastic, instead I heard, "My eyes!! They're burning!" This was a domino effect from each child as they slid down the slip n slide. They got the suds in their eyes! So I guess I'm still not gonna get the mom of the year award, eh? ;-)

Check out this girl. . .she got some serious air! =)

I can't wait to show you the fun lo's and projects I have worked on, but I can't post any of them until they are revealed on their various websites. Haha. . .so soon you will see that I have made time for my fave past time. BTW. . .if you're interested in the funky diptych you can find it here. . .wonky photo mask, and the rounded photo masks can be found here. Hope you're all having a fantastic summer! I have binged on watermelon and canteloupe today! Off to eat dinner with the fam and go to the festival.


deana said...

So what if you don't get mom-of-the year? It'll make a great LO! LOL! :-)

Beth Perry said...

beautiful pics !

Sara Ancich said...

Thanks for the link for the wonky photo mask. Will it come with instructions on "how to"...I am interested in making the purchase but not sure if I am savvy enough!

chinamommy said...

FYI- we copied your burger-cakes for my daughter's birthday party today! yours turned out cuter, i posted a link back to your blog.
~misschell @ chinamommy

Jana said...

amber - you are seriously adorable and i might be in love with your blog header!

i was just going through some old posts and saw that you had asked about my paintings. feel free to shoot me an email at janalaurene@gmail.com and i can totally give you pricing!

Pam said...

Hi! Saw this pic on Flickr MCP Action group and wanted to know which action you used. I LOVE it!