Monday, July 6, 2009

Whew! I've been away. . .so much to say. . . ;-) I had three photo shoots last week, so I have been editing like crazy. I had a wedding in Columbus Ohio where I got to spend time with my incredible family. Grandpa's, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole sha-bang! First things first. . .

I want to thank this girlie, Lilith, for awarding me with this

It made me so happy!! So now for my fave five at the moment
Pam Garrison
Stephanie Howell
Elizabeth Kartchner

Sooooooo. . .here is what I have been busy doing. . .

Baby C

Photoshoot with my own kiddos!

This WAY cute couple!

My cuz and his beautiful bride. . .

Having fun editing all these pics! In Columbus there is this mall that is my fave ever. It's called Easton and they have Anthro there!! Woot! I felt so giddy when I walked through that store. I looked at each and every tidbit. My hubs was soo patient! I picked up these little pretties, and drooled over this!
Also coveted this, walked away with this. =) On the craft front I have lots that I am working on and will post throughout the week. This post is already pic heavy! Hope my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July! =)


Jenneke said...

Wonderful pictures, Amber!!! Especially the one of your own (beautiful!) kids!!

ally serrato said...

Me ally!!! Wow - thank you amber - I'm so honored :-). This is my very first blog award!!!! Thank youuuuuu!!! And I love those shots - you're an amazing photographer!! I especially love that wedding shot!!! Thank you!!

chinamommy said...

WOW, what beautiful & darling pics! love that baby C shot!!

sarah said...

i totally love your blog! such eye candy!

have a great day!


Euphoria said...

WOW Amber!! These are RAD photos!! I am in LOVE with the baby one- precious!! I wish I could take pics like this!! Geez!

Tina said...

Girllllll, those photos are fantastic!!!! Your kiddos are gorgeous!! Meant a lot that you stopped by my blog, I heart you! Added you to my blog roll too...not sure why you aren't there already!

Lilith said...

you're welcome;))

elizabeth said...

thanks! for the blog love shout out!
I love yours! such great photos...
have to come back when I have more time to explore and read! :)


Sasha Holloway said...

these are beautiful shots .. love em