Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad blogger am I (said in the voice of Yoda). ;-) So I had a huge week last week. The resale. It is a children's clothing resale for the community that draws people from all over our tri-state area. I am a committee head member for the Inspection committee. Sounds important, eh? ;-) We have to inspect clothing and toys and games and baby stuff and alllll kinds of goodies. It is a fun time to connect with other mommies too. Best of all is the shopping. As all positions are "volunteer", the perk to putting in so many hours is getting to shop before the public. The resale is only a half day on Saturday for the public. Those who put in hours volunteering get to shop on Friday and it is WELL worth it! It is like Christmas. We (my dh and I) tear into there and have a blast buying clothes and books and games and toys for our little ankle biters. Another thing that is nice is we all have the option to sell our belongings in the resale as well, so it is almost like trading our items for other items. Anyhoo, it is a loooong few weeks of sorting through clothes, laundering them, and tagging them and them hauling them over to the resale location, and then working everyday for the resale. Whew! It is over now and I can return to a normal life once again. My house does look like a clothing explosion though. I think we are going to forgo cleaning though and try and go to the pool today. We have 10 days before school begins already!! I am not quite ready for school to start. Yes - I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy some solitude while the girlies are in school, but I have loved having them home. There is so much more I need to check off of my summer to do list.

Drive in movie with the kids

Camp out in backyard

Go for a walk/bikeride around the new YMCA outdoor track

Jefferson Point outdoor concert night

and Outdoor water park fun with the cousins. . .

Fall is my FAVE time of year for sure, but we have had such a cool summer that I feel like we are going from Spring to Fall. Ah well. . .that is Indiana weather.

I have a lot to share, but I need to upload my photos first!
Here is a lo I did for the layout tag:

I did participate in the SOS (Shades of Summer) project that Elizabeth Kartchner hosted on her blog. I can't wait to see a snippet of how it all looks completed! Here is my pic (taken by my 9 yr old) =)

Oh. . .and totally off subject, but way worth the segway. . .I have found a flickr group that I LOOOoove. For all of you Domino/Decor 8 fans out there, you will probably enjoy this. It is called Colorful Rooms. Browse through a few pages and I swear you will find rooms that will inspire you to your toes. I cannot wait to get my hands on some paint and pillows. In fact, I am making a trip to Ikea next weekend so I can buy some pillows and lamps! =) If you look at some of my favorites on my flickr portfolio, you can see a lot of the rooms from that group that are amazing. I'll give you a sneaky of what you'll find:

source (dora337). I am also in love right now with buntings/ banners. I think they are so happy and make everyday a celebration. I know that kind of is cheesy, but it's true! Haha! They are so fun and here are a few of my faves right now. . .

source: jek in the box

source: nestables

source: lisa garay

source: leesa peesa rainbowpants

source: lovemaestore

source: dazeychic

Have a wonderful Monday!


deana said...

♥ the LO... adorable work as ALWAYS!

♥ the SOS photo... your 9-yr old is a photographer in the making!

♥ the Colorful Rooms link... I'm feeling inspired to go make a LO with colorful little flags on it! :-)

Have a great week, Amber! :-)

melissa o. said...

you said it, banners represent a celebration! love the inspiration, thanks!

Diane B. said...

Great layout. Love the stitching! If only I can get my sewing machine to do what I want it to do! LOL

Love all the banner inspiration. I love makin' them too!

Ann-Katrin said...

Hello Amber!
Love your blog; so colorfull!
Great to be on SATU-team with you.
See ya ;o)


Sara said...

Loving that layout.. You have darling subjects to work with, so i'm sure that helps! Very cute!

Jocelyn said...

love love love your blog! I also participated in SOS, but I am still waiting to get mine in the mail.

Celeste said...

you won the rak on my blog. send me an email at celestefsmith at gmail dot com and i'll get it right out to you!