Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School starts tomorrow!

We are living it up one last day. . .We rented a movie, dh is gone so it is just us girlies and the little guy (who just runs around and gets into things the whole time anyway). They get to eat dinner in the family room because it is a special night. We have our backpack and new school supplies all ready. I have seen backpack id's before online and decided to make my own since I figured that a few others just might have the Hannah Montanna and Jonas Brothers backpacks too (I desperately tried to convince them on Hello Kitty or Littlest Pet shop book bags!). Anyways. . .her is the end result

The back of Micah's

The front

The back of Macy's

The front

I found some baseball card sleeves/protectors from my dh's stash and thought they would work perfectly because they are sturdier than a badge holder. I used some scraps from a previous kit and cut and sewed them to cardstock (that I measured to fit inside the sleeve). I put some bling and stickers to the one side and added a label with glitter letter stickers to the other side. I then used my crop-a-dile to punch a hole in them and added a binder ring with some matching ribbon and there ya have it!

Here is another little project I whipped up over the weekend. It was inspired by all of the banner art that I have been seeing and loving. The vine on the right of the page is from aneal's photogenic digi kit.

Also been busy preparing for our cruise in two weeks with our friends, booking photo sessions, baking (always look forward to this once school begins), and doing yard work. Speaking of which. . .my new fave pic

He has a bubble lawn mower and LOVEs it - especially when daddy is mowing the lawn. Heheh! I'll post pics tomorrow of our first day of school adventures. =)



deana said...

LOL! So funny about the backpacks.... trying for the Littlest Pet Shop or Hello Kitty. I do the same things.... trying to hold on to yesteryear. It's worth a try anyway! LOVE the backpack ID's! I had a fleeting thought to make one, but it passed! LOL!

That LO is adorable & so is the lawn-mowing photo! Enjoy your girl's night before school begins! :-)

Lindsay said...

You're so creative! Your blog is very cute :)

Elaine said...

holy COW! Those backpack tags are soooooo cute! i love the way you incorporate your innovation for your kids. It's so awesome.

they're adorable and so helpful!

Jocelyn said...

Such a cute idea for backpack tags...might have to make one tonight for my daughters bag:-) Love the photo of your son adorable is that!!!

amytangerine said...

love your celebrate life everyday!!