Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feeling Swiney. . .

I meant to update sooner, but I am in bed - the latest victim of H1N1. It is a beast fo' sho'! I have asthma, so it has hit pretty hard and I'm taking tamiflu and pretty much just laying in my bed for the last 3 days. Thank goodness for internet and internet tv! I have caught up on my shows and added to my etsy faves and am going to catch up on my blogreads next. Thank you my friends who have updated your blogs and given me something to look forward to! =) I'm so sad that I don't get to take my kids trick or treating. I'm going to make it up to them, but I'm sure going to miss out on taking pics and of course bringing home loads of candy. I did want to celebrate something with you all. . .the launch of my new WEBSITE!! Yay! This is my new photography website and I am so happy with how it's turned out. My good friend Dave with Poieo Design designed it and he did a fantastic job. Do you recognize the uber-cool frames? Got them here!
So. . .since I'm laid up in my bed and I've had a lot of time to browse. . .wanna see some of my new faves?
How cool is this polaroid ring?


Really into flats lately especially ones with flower or jewels


Do I even need to say anything?? I LOVE these!!

Uptown Avenue

I'm a sucker for anything personalized


Last but not least (unless you want to see 39 more pages of faves!). . .=)

Pssst. . .I like to think the "A" is for Amber, even though I'm pretty sure it's for Alice in Wonderland!

Welp - at least I left you with some eye candy. That's about as useful as I can be right now. Have fun trick or treating!! Can't wait to see all the pics on my blog reads! Love to you all. . .


Garsy said...

Sorry to hear your laid up with H1N1. We are on the up swing finally! Ethan's been the only one to come down with it here and he was out of school for 4 days! He's still not 100% but he's feeling much better and has been fever free all day! Hope your feeling better soon!

Sara said...

Ok, love all that stuff, but those mugs. Who wouldn't start the day with a smile on their face drinking coffee out of one of these!??! Sorry your sick. Yuk! Get better soon!

deana said...

CONGRATS on the new site, Clik Chick! Cute name, too! Lovin' the frames as well! Best of luck with that. If you lived closer, I'd hire you! :-)

Hope you get well soon! You already know that Bryn had H1N1 a little over a week ago. Thankfully, Bob & I both managed to escape getting it (knock on wood!)

At least you're making good use of your time in bed... shopping! That always makes me feel BETTER! :-)

Get well SOON!