Monday, November 2, 2009

  • Played Disney Princess memory game with 8 year old. . .lost again
  • Hubs brought home Starbucks White Peppermint mocha to make up for being a bad nurse while I'm sick. . .he's forgiven
  • Hubs picking up ribs and scooby snacks from the best rib joint in town
  • Still in our PJ's from last night
  • Added more pics to my new photography website gallery
  • Made my Christmas to do/make list
  • Found this adorable website. . .srsly. . .you will thank me.
  • Watched "Imagine That" - loved it
  • Received a package full of candy from sweet neighbor who noticed we weren't out trick or treating and figured we were stuck at home with flu.
  • Off to take a shower and shave for the first time in a week (shaving that is - I showered at least once). . .Hallelujah! =)
  • And just because I feel left out not showing off my trick or treating photos, these are from last year. ;-)


Julie Ann Shahin said...

Oh my, the trick-or-treaters are so awesome, last year or not!!! ADORABLE!!!!

Great list!

I found you from SIS. come visit me too

Lilith said...

these photos are adorable!

Petra Coolen said...

Just LOVE your new website!!

chinamommy said...

miss you......