Friday, October 16, 2009

Three-two. . .today

That's right. Today I am 32. It has been a wonderful bday so far. My husband took the girls to school so I could sleep in and came home with my fave Starbucks drink. Sigh. Then my mom showed up with coffee in hand too and said she took the day off so we could play, and play we have! =) We went to lunch at our local Mexican restaurant where you get a free meal on your bday and did some shopping. My dh has something up his sleeve for tonight or rather this weekend but he is keeping it under wraps for now. I just know that childcare is provided and it begins with an "H" (courtesy of youngest dd). ;-)
I've already done some pre-bday shopping. Hehee! Here is what I have come away with. . .

This fab ring by a sweet friend I've met through the world of blogging. . .be sure to check out her etsy shop!


An add on from Kenner Road,



and this

all spread out over some time of course. ;-)

I MUST show you these cah-UTE clippies. . .

Aren't they the sweetest thing? I ordered them for my girls to go with their halloween costumes. We have a tinkerbell, jasmine and fiona (from Shrek). I couldn't resist. I plan on getting some more in the future.

One more thing. . .My Favorite coffee creamer ever is in the stores now. Get one while you can they go so quickly. Last year I bought one and fell in love with it, went back to buy more and they were out everywhere for the rest of the season. =( So this time I stocked up. =) My fave is Peppermint Mocha by the way.

Have a super duper weekend!


mandiegirl said...

Hope it's fabulous weekend! Happy birthday!

Jocelyn said...

Happy birthday! Hope it is fabulous! I heart the peppermint mocha as well...I always get so happy when it comes back in the stores:-)

deana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Amber!!! I hope it's a FUN night, a great weekend & a FAB year! :-)

chinamommy said...

Oh thank you sweet girl for posting the ring!! Hope you love it!! the tank... LOVE!! the clippies.... LOVE...
i like the coconut creamer...mmmmm! i'll have to give the peppermint mocha a try!! Hope it was a FABULOUS birthday (you should look back at my blog for my 40th birthday post & see what a brat i am... yikes! it was feb 17th...)
i seriously am going to try & get to the fort this winter to meet up with you at The Firefly... :)

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, I have both of those last two t-shirts from JCREW, and I LOVE THEM! Especially the tank one!

Have a great birthday!

Alicia said...

Hi Amber - It's Alicia from Threefairyprincesses :) I just wanted to thank you so much for mentioning my clippies in your blog!! You're the best!! Xoxox Wishing you and your fairy princesses a very happy holiday!