Monday, October 12, 2009

Clear the cobwebs. . .I'm baaaaack!

So I have neglected my blog for a month now. =( I have been super busy. I just love this time of year and all that comes with it. My fave thing to do is decorate for fall. My birthday is in October (this friday!), and when I was in third grade my dad had to be out of town on my birthday. To make up for it he had balloons, flowers and a special pumpkin sent to me at school. Two years after that, he had another conference that fell on my birthday so he again sent me flowers and balloons and another pumpkin related item. Every year since, he gets me a pumpkin or fall decor item for me. It used to be October 1st that I would get it, but now it's the first day of fall so I can enjoy it the whole season. So I have quite a collection of fall goodies and I love to make my own. This is one of the things that has kept me busy. . .

and I made this little haunted house (last year actually)

and this haunted little tree (tree from Target)

and this adorable monster just had to come home with me

So this week we are celebrating my bday and dd's bday the day after mine. I am totally planning to corner the market on cool moms this week by making these mustache suckers for her class treat. =) I hope to at least break out the firepit and make smores this weekend.

Since I haven't updated since the cruise. . .I HAVE to share my exciting news. Exciting to me anyways. . .I participated in a karaoke contest (I'm a total karaoke nerd) and won a spot in the "Legends" show that is on the last night of the cruise. I performed as the legend Aretha Franklin. Heheh! =) I wore a big black wig and a dress that was so modest it went up to my chin and covered my feet (my mom was prayin' hard that I wouldn't be showing cleavage - I just know it!). I had a blast! We got to rehearse with the cruise dancers and perform a small group number together too. We were sent home with a picture, dvd and momentos.

Okay, so the BEST part was when we were in the lobby the night before the legends performance, and we were dancing to live music and two ladies who had heard me sing the night before went up to the performer and requested that I sing. So he asked me to join him on stage and we sang two songs and got a standing ovation. It was definately something I can cross off of my bucket list! Thank you for letting me gush (*blush*). The performer I sang with looks just like Jackie Chan too! ;-)

So there ya have it. . .a quickie recap of the last month. I have some catching up to do on my blog loves now. So excuse me while I am off to leave some love.


deana said...

You are just TOOOO CUTE & evidently a rockin' good singer! How fun!

Have a great birthday, Amber! I hope it's a fantastic year! :-)

chinamommy said...

what talent!! Geesh, lady, you got it all!! :) they would beg me NOT to sing! Sounds like a wonderful time- the mister & I head out for our 2nd cruise in April!!
So glad you're back... i kept checkin'!
my bro from the firefly had his bday on the 4th. Hope you have a fantastic birthday (what a cool Dad you have!!!)

Jocelyn said...

Awesome job on the cruise singing!!! Glad to see you blogging again and happy early bday! Eat lots of cake to celebrate:-) Love the haunted made it? Would love to know how...