Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Extreme blog makeover

New years mean it's time for change. So I'm giving my blog a little redo. It is a little work in progress since I can't sit down for longer than 15 minutes at a time without having to answer the phone, the door, the buzzer on the dryer, the timer on the oven, or one of my four kiddos. ;-) I planned a year in review of photos, but it will have to come tomorrow since it's nearing 2 am and I still have to pack lunches for the girls tomorrow.

Quickly - here is a fun project I completed from a Studio Calico add on that made top 10 on two peas. I just love doing things like this. I've kind of lost my scrapbooking groove and have been on an altered project kick. I'm getting all of my stash out this week to play, so we'll see if I can remember how. ;-)

So sorry I left you with that image of a toilet for two weeks. =) Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! Be back soon with more changes!



Lilith said...

1st of all, happy new year to you!!
2nd, love this project you made about your year!
3rd, this new "clean" blog design is beautiful!
I'm going to change mine too, feeling like changing... must be the new year starting!

deana said...

LOL... yeah, that was a good image to leave people with... :-)

Lovin' the new blog design. I need to put that on my list of things to do... figure out how to make my own blog background without paying someone! LOL

That altered project is stunning, Amber, & totally ADORABLE! Love, love, LOVE it!

Hope you have a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2010!


Blessed Ladybug said...

happy new years to you as well.. i love that picture are you planning on hanging it up or is it going to be sitting on the shelf.. either way great work.. thanks for sharing..

Diana Fisher said...

Amazing project!! Love your blog!

elizabeth said...

wow! I love this project... your blog is SO fabulous and how cute are your girls???
okay, gushing like crazy.


Brittney said...

This is gorgeous!

chinamommy said...

Whewww.... i was so sick of seeing that toilet! ;)
LOVE the new project- you are such a talent & i have no idea how with FOUR kids-amazing!! i haven't been scrappin' as much either, but i'm going this weekend to a crazy crop one of my pals has (cheekygreendesigns on etsy). She's a nut &it's always a blast, so I can't wait! My goal is to just get the 9 billion pictures I have down on paper!...I'll do "cute" when i catch up :)
lator tator!

Diann Hunt said...

Love the new look of your blog! The pictures of my grandkids? Well, they're just priceless, that's all! :-)