Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Up Close and Personal

So each member of our family (that is 6 of us) has been spending wayyyy too much time near the toilet this week! We have come down with a nasty virus of the stomach flu. Some of us (little dude) have NOT made it to the toilet. =( What a week! I had planned to finish up my Christmas shopping early in the week before the girls are home for Christmas break and unfortunately that did not happen. I'm hoping to run out tonight, although I feel like I'm functioning at 75%. At least the puking is over! Ugh! Hope the rest of you stay healthy. . .this bug spread like mad!

So because I did not get to all of my shopping in the stores, I decided to do some online shopping. Anything to avoid the crowds and grouchy people of course. ;-)

I found this blog through this one (don't you just love when that happens?). Today I found the post about this etsy site! My little Zoe just loves clothes, and this

was perfect for her - plus with the discount I saved dh some $$. Everyone wins! I plan to get one of these sweet tees from Old Navy to wear with it.

So then I needed to buy something for my 'lil niece. I think these will be so fun for her and my little dude

My little dude's

I can't give everything away because some of my family read my blog. ;-)
One of my girl's wanted Zhu zhu pet accessories. . .I got her a zhu zhu pet for her bday before the big craze. Geesh! I went to Toys R Us to ask where the accessories not realizing that it is the number one toy this Christmas. The salesperson told me that they were in that morning and people were taking them out of other people's carts! Are you kidding me?? I am SO not playing that game. . .especially when we garage salers (can that be a word?) know that we will find them in garage sales this summer for like a dollar. ;-) Patience is a virtue.

Switching topics. . .This rad artist came out with some pretty cool overlays for photographers and digital scrapbookers and allowed me to test some of the product. I had so much fun! These are right up my alley. She is so talented and has the cutest prints in her etsy shop. This is one of my faves. Anyhow, if you love whimsical and original - than visit her shop!
These are some of the images using the overlays she has for sale
(tape frame from Kitschy digitals)

You can view more images from other photographers on her new blog!
Hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas season!

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deana said...

That virus sounds awful. I hope you all feel better soon! I guess if you had to get it, it's better now than next week. :-(

Adorable gifts & links...
especially the girls clothes!