Monday, April 26, 2010

Around the house

Hello? I am still here. Last week was very unordinary for us. First of all. . .did any of you play along with this? I really wanted to, but then Monday left us with a trip to the ER that would end up being an entire week's stay at the hospital (for my husband). I spent most of my time jetting kids back and forth to different sitters, so I could tag my clothes for the bi-annual resale, run errands for my husband who needed various things and keep the house clean for his stress free return!

He is okay now. He tried to do a high intensity workout (P90X). He has completed this before, but this time he was a little more out of shape and attempted to do the reps until muscle failure. He ended up having serious muscle injury which led to a host of problems including near kidney failure and an inflamed liver. Who knew? He was swollen and tired, but otherwise in no pain which made it a little easier for me to bear. Anyhow, this meant that I didn't have the time to play along with "A week in the life" like I had wanted. So, I thought I would do it this week. :) Only, I kind of just took "around the house" pictures today. Maybe I'll get the hang of it more tomorrow. Wanna see?

My mantle right now:

A view of my family room right now:

Sidenote: I purchased the ones from Pottery Barn before I found the Craigs list ones. Boo. :(
My crafty corner:

Sewing corner:

What's on my shelves:

What's on my craft armoire:

Stay tuned for what's in it! ;-)
My filled Scrapbooks:

Mini Album storage:


More minis:

More work for me (that I choose to ignore while I blog):


A bird that has taken up residence right outside my front door. We frighten each other every time I walk out the door. She flies off and then screeches at me from across the street until I leave. :-)

Sidenote: Guess I won't be using my cute yellow planter for awhile. :(

So. . .what did your day look like? I'll be posting a lot this week. I have those full reveals of my Crazy Daisy pages to post. I won't neglect this at least for another week. ;-)


Stephanie said...

Wow, what a week! I hope your hubby is ok now.
Bummer about the pepsi crate!
Lots of cute stuff around your house.

Stephanie said...
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Jocelyn said...

Love your crafty space!!! Hope your hubby starts to feeling I knew exercise was bad for you:-) You mini album storage is super cute!!! I am gonna keep an eye out at the idea!

Mara... said...

I love seeing a peek into your world! And what fun storage for your minis, those old suitcases are too cool!

Julie Johnson said...

You had a crazy week....hope your dh is doing better. Yikes! Love peeking into your home...and that nest is beautiful!!

deana said...

A week in the hospital after P90X? I have heard of that, but not tried it yet. Must be pretty intense if that's the result? I'm somewhat intrigued. Sick, I know... LOL.

Loving your home. So cute & comfy! Note to self... check out Craigslist!


Sara said...

NO WAY! That is so funny, I found those things at Pottery Barn and wanted it so bad, but I didn't get it. Now, i'll have to find one that's cheaper! Glad to hear your hubs is better! That sucks too! Poor guy, it sucks to have to admit that you're getting older! Glad he's ok. And, I loved seeing all the goodies around your house! I might need to do that too. I looked at Strawberry Shortcake dolls on etsy, my mom didn't save mine.. boo

Courtney Walsh said...

I am so glad your husband is okay!! How scary! I LOVE that bird's nest picture. We have morning doves, but their nest is too high to photograph. bummer.

I love these around the house shots! So fun! :)

PamelaM said...

Love the photos of your home. It is exactly my style - so comfy.

I am wondering if you call tell me what program you use for the frames around the pictures you post. Thanks in advance.