Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Morning!

I am in a good mood today. It is gorgeous outside, supposed to be the warmest day of the year so far, and did you know that if you bring a reusable cup into Starbucks today, you'll get a free coffee? Yep - it's true. However, it is not for the fun coffee that I like to drink. It's for regular coffee that the rest of the world drinks. So I buckled and bought a fun coffee instead. I cannot give up my caramel and whip cream! ;-)

I've started my journey yet again toward toning and losing weight. I have this cycle where I lose weight and work out like crazy in the Spring to prepare for summer, and I store up fats for the fall/winter! ;-) I LOVE food. It's so hard for me to give up foods I love in order to eat healthy. I am a bridesmaid in July with teeny girls who are mostly college age, so mommy of 4 here has to get a move on! So what am I doing to lose weight this time? Well for starters, I went out for the first time and jogged 3 miles. What on EARTh was I thinking? The next day my hip clicked every time I took a step. Lol! Reminding me that I am not in my 20's anymore. I am working up to it, but yesterday my 8 year old rode her bike with me. It's a good thing she did too. On mile 3, I began to have a blood sugar issue. I started to get cold sweats and felt like I was going to pass out. I wanted to walk up to the first house where people were outside and ask for a ride home. I knew I was not going to make it home. My dd, however, did not know how to get home from where we were. I pushed myself as far as I could, until she knew the rest of the way to our house, and she had my husband pick me up! So what did I do?? I gorged myself on chocolate chip pancakes until my blood sugar balanced itself out, of course! Reminds me of when my s-i-l and m-i-l used to mall walk and then finish up at IHOP for all you can eat pancakes. AGH! Baby steps, right?

I've been crafting some more. I have a tutorial HERE for a DIY moss terrarium. I just need to add some cute little accents like these...




I also just have to share my newest etsy find with you! I just adore her art. . .

Isn't that so fun? You can find more of her stuff here (Printspace)!

Here are some sneaks of my April lo's for Crazy Daisy. This was one of my fave kits to work with! Loved the hambly, and the colors and the Amercian Craft stickers along with the new GCD Melody Ross line! Every kit comes with a mini AND you'll receive glimmer mist in one of Heidi Swapp's new colors along with a free House of 3 download!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! I'm off to Indy for a few days with my husband and our best friends! I'll be back with full pics of the lo's once they're in the gallery. :)


chinamommy said...

that little gazebo with chandelier??? i totally screamed out loud when i saw it!!! MUST make one!!
Are you sure your husband doesn't want to move to MI? I need a running buddy... BAD!! My husband is NO runner.... and i'm afraid to run down our dirt road for fear some weirdo will throw me in his trunk- I'm nervous like that :)

Julie Johnson said...

Great post! Oh do I know the losing weight fast for Spring and gorge myself in Winter routine. Here I am AGAIN. I just posted yesterday that I want to lose 9 pounds by the time the kids are out of school. So...I'm right there with you! Keep trying to run. Put on some great music, and walk run walk run if you have to. I started running when I was 31 and could not make it down the block. I ran one block, and walked the next. Now I'm running 5-7 and it's fun!

Cherish said...

Great post! I am also trying to lose weight. I can't wait to see the layouts you have created. They look adorable!

Sara said...

Ah, yes. The spring torture. I have agreed to go on a hike today with Mr. Cal Fire (my husband/firefighter= TOTALY in shape).. it's going to be torture, I can feel it! Can't wait to see more of those pages, they look so cute!

deana said...

Baby steps is good... don't want to go gung-ho & then burn out. You'll keep your blood sugar stabilized by eating every 3-4 hours (or 5 small meals a day)... it will also speed up your metabolism to be eating that often. Try a banana before you work-out. It might help! You'll do great, Amber!

Loving those sneaks! Can't wait to see your full reveal!

Have a GREAT weekend! :-)

katie said...

you running 3 miles just stuns me, i could never do that! i have asthma on top of not being a runner, so i would probably pass out for real. yikes! but i'm so glad you made it home, you trooper!

your layouts are so cute! are they up in the gallery yet? i need to check.