Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do I still have any readers? Heh-heh! Sorry for the delayed post. We have been on Spring break and had family stay with us the week of Easter. I have been tending to my house, doing lots of cooking and playing with the kids! It has been SO fun! We have had some unseasonably warm weather. Usually this time of year is the high 50's and 60's if we're lucky. Well it's been in the 80's here! Woot! We've been playing outside and enjoying the sunshine! Today, however, it's 41 degrees. Back to reality, eh? So it's a good day to stay inside and blog/craft/eat/clean my house. :-) Soooo. . .first things first. I HIGHLY recommend going to see "How to Train your Dragon" in 3D! I took my girls for some mommy/daughter time and we loved it! I think any movie in 3D is magical. I am so there with the kids, reaching out and trying to grab the things that pop out at you! What a wonderful memory. So that's my little plug. 5 stars. :-)

Second. . .we found out about this site through our local news station, but we have been addicted to it! It's an owl named "Molly" that has 4 little owlets and an unhatched egg (that they now think is not viable). She has a mate named "McGee" and it is so fun to watch him visit at night. He brings all kinds of food for the family (sometimes live! Eeek!), and initially I watched so I could see the egg hatch, but now I'm kinda attached to the little owl family. My kids love it too. A great homeschooling/educational tool. The guy who set it all up does q&a's with elementary schools all the time.

Third - I love to cook. Unfortunately, my family does not enjoy "real" food. My husband is completely happy with a hamburger helper meal. Blech! So, when I have family or friends over, I love to cook real food. This weekend. It was this wonderful Santa Fe Chicken Salad from this site. . .Creating Post It Notes. She has some yummmmy recipes. They make you feel like you're serving restaurant quality meals. Srsly. . .everyone raved about it.

Is that a tease or what?
Last night I made Baked Salmon with cheese crumb topping and sauteed some veggies with garlic. Just for me! That's right. No one wanted to eat it, but I made it anyways and it was amazing. Anyhow. . .wanted to share one of my fave recipe blogs with you.

Fourth. . .found this adorable site and I just love their products. The name is even yummier. Whippy Cake. Is that not an adorable name?
Love this little glittery birdie!

They also have this great tutorial for a "Boho Braid". I have 3 girls, so I ate it up and we've all been sportin' braids ever since! ;-)

Lastly - I have a new Photography Blog! I love my website, but needed a blog to post all of the pics from each session, and I really want to share creative ways of displaying photos and fun products that I carry. I am so excited to finally have it up and running. I will be sharing my first post soon. I am waiting for something to arrive in the mail to share!


Jocelyn said...

That salad looks delish! Our family could eat salad every night of the week! My kids can't wait to see the dragon movie...and hooray for the warm weather. We have been outside alot too:-)

Stephanie said...

*drool* That is my kind of salad - I see avacado! I am going to check out your other blog now!

Courtney Walsh said...

I do not love to cook. Wish that I did. I think my family would be fine with Hamburger Helper too, but I don't even make that!! lol We LOVED How to Train Your Dragon! even my 2 year old sat through the whole thing! Without popcorn! :) So fun. I'd go again!!

chinamommy said...

AVACADO- my favorite food!! Oh yum!! I SOOOOOOOO wish I lived next door, I'd come eat "real food" at your place ANYTIME! I HATE box food and I hate to cook too.... well, I don't hate it, but i want every ingredient at my fingertips and I don't want to go to the grocery store!