Friday, August 6, 2010

A post in pictures

What I've been up to. . .

3Rivers Festival
Parade with family

the bachelorette partay!

the wedding

Pedis with my girlie for getting straight A's all year long!

I got a Wacom Tablet from Craigslist and I'm in loooove! I'm having so much fun playing with it, and I need to find out what all it can do. Anyone out there who can give some pointers? :) Here is an example of art I've been making for fun.  Actually, I don't think I even used the wacom for this?  Wanted to share anyways. :)

That is a small summary of our last few weeks. In the weeks to come, I look forward to diving into my August Crazy daisy kit and have a wonderful plan for the mini that comes with. . .have you seen this month's kits?? Gorgeous! They are right up my alley with the bright colors, Hambly, Cosmo Cricket, and American Crafts, just to name a few. . .Go check it out!

You can check out my photog blog for my recent sessions. Been super busy with that this summer too!

One share:
Mila's Daydreams
Have you seen this yet? Wowz. I mean, seriously. It is so cool what this lady does with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and a sleeping baby.
This is an image from her blog. . .just to give you a taste of her creativity.

So hows that for more randomness? I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I promise I'll get better once school starts and I have more time. Speaking of which, it's 2 weeks away for us! Not ready for summer to end! :( Hope you're all having a fabulous summer!


Jocelyn said...

I can't believe summer is almost over! Looks like yours has been a blast. and i just saw that sleeping baby on another blog...crazy ca.ute!!!!

chinamommy said...

that blanket/surf baby?!?!?! STINKIN cute!!! makes me want a baby... i mean a blanket!
that tablet thing from craigs list??? i thought craigs list was just for sexual hook ups? Glad i have you to show me the way!! :)

Sara said...

Aww, that was fun! I love looking at all the pics! Love that first picture, so sweet! Looks like you are having a rockin summer! School starts next week for us! BLA..