Sunday, August 15, 2010

My lo's for Crazy Daisy this month. . .I.loved.this.kit. So many of my fave manufacturer's and fun goodies to play with.

The full mini is pictured here.
I opened up a tumblr awhile back, but never used it.  I have started now, because it drips with inspiration.  I just love the photos and quotes that tumblr produces from all of that talent out there! So, if you want to follow along. . .here is mine (I just reblog whatever I see that I like)! 

Gearing up for school this week.  I'm getting all of my bento stuff together.  I love to create bentos for the girls and their friends really get a kick out of it too!  I use the Bento blog Wendolonia as inspiration for easy but yum bentos.  There is a link in the sidebar too (under cool sites).  I also am in a flickr group that has inspiring ideas for bentos, though some are pretty elaborate, and I can't imagine my kids eating quail eggs for lunch!  LOL! 

Here is the post that started it all for me.  She gives great ideas for food for picky eaters. 
Also a bento example of Wendy's.  FYI, I get my bento supplies from Amazon, E-bay, Sugarcharms, and Obento.  I enjoy it as a way to make my girls feel a little extra special.  I also use supplies from Bake it pretty (link in sidebar) in their Bentos.  I've mentioned them in posts before (I have the mustache candy molds).  :)  Here is also a great source for free printables for lunch notes and teacher's gifts, etc. 

Well, we're off to the pool (for the last week. . .*sniff)!  Hope you're all enjoying these last wonderful weeks of summer! 


Kelly Hansen said...

Amber, great layouts as always. :)

Sara said...

I am loving bento boxes this year- need to get some! I saw one that had skulls on it for the boys. Adorable layouts too by the way. I need some inspiration. I have not scrapped anything in a while!

Paulina said...

You are so talented =) Keep it up!
Your kids are so beautiful!!!

Josh said...

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katie said...

Giiiiiiiirl! Holy moly. That mini blew me away! And of course, I love all your layouts, as always. Especially the first and last ones, what cute pictures!

chinamommy said...

tumbler? hun? i have no idea wht that is - have i mentioned i am feeling VERY old suddenly?!
Bento's.. yeah, i think about doing those. As in "think about it, laugh, and throw some seaweed and fruit in a bag"
you're an awesome Mama!!

Mara... said...

Wonderful layouts Amber!!! I love how you used the kit and your mini is beautiful! Love the bento box, fun lunch!

McMGrad89 said...

Thanks for the bento ideas and the links. My son started school this year and I pack him a lunch everyday. Unfortunately, I started doing cute things in his lunch and the crazy kids in his class made fun of him I guess so it's back to boring sandwiches and such. We will see if I can squeeze something in for him again.

Jocelyn said...

Lovin all your layouts...I haven't scrapped in a while and I miss it!