Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday. . .number 2!

Some fun tutorials I've saved.  :-)
Newspaper Flowers

Ikea Spice Rack Bookshelves

Crate Storage on Wheels

T-Shirt Pom Poms

Fun, no?  So tomorrow we already have a 2 hour snow delay!  Yay!  Tonight we had a hearty chili "stew" (I like to make mine thick and I make chili-mac with macaroni noodles.  Then, after the kiddos were snuggled in bed, I made my sweetie and I skookies!  They were SO.GOOD.  Highly highly recommend.  It's not complete without ice cream and whip cream with chocolate sauce drizzled over it all.  Drooling yet?  We have always gone to Cheddar's or to Uno's for the chocolate chip cookie monster dessert and now we can make our own (should have taken pics).  I will remember next time.  
We're getting ready to start a late night movie since I can sleep in a little tomorrow.  ;-)  Back tomorrow with wordess wednesday! 
Here is my tumblr btw.  If you're in need of more inspiration. 


chinamommy said...

dang it, tumblr.... like i need 1 more thing to waste my time :) i bought the silhouette in Nov and have never even turned it on yet....I am becoming the Queen of not getting anything done....
love those tee pom-poms too!!

Jocelyn said...

Those newspaper flowers are adorable...maybe I will try them out. PS. I tagged you on my blog today:-)