Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally. . .a crafty post!

Hi!  So I know I've fallen off the blog bandwagon lately.  I have not had any craft "mojo" for the last few months.  I got kind of burned out.  I still have loved slobbering over my fave crafty blog reads and have been inspired by what I've seen, but no desire to make anything.  My poor scrapbook space has been neglected a bit.  I am making a comeback, slowly but surely.  Seeing all of the new CHA goodies has helped!  Do you have any faves?  I have been keeping my faves in a notebook so I can make a purchase once they all hit the stores.  If you have not seen any of the newest rages, allow me to introduce you. . .
First - woodgrain tape y'alls!  Woodgrain!  Do you hear my heart beating outta my chest?  I cannot wait to get these washi tapes from Hambly!
(click to view larger)

Second - The Daily Junque line from Pink Paislee!  I absolutely big puffy heart every bit of their new lines.  My friend Tina designs for them and I cannot wait to see what she creates with their new goodies!

Third - Crate Paper's new lines, especially Emma's Shoppe.
Fourth - Cosmo Cricket Glubers.  Yep. . .you read that right.  Gluber.  Not to be confused with the yuckies we wipe from our kiddo's noses.  
Fifth - My last two faves. . .Smashbox.  I cannot wait to get my hands on these.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the big release in April.  I am getting them for my girls too.  I think it's a wonderful way to keep scrappies.  Be sure to watch the video to see how coolness they really are!

Sixth - Silhouette Fabric Interface.  I have already purchased a grab bag of designer fabric scraps on etsy to play with!  I am just waiting on my interface to arrive and the fabric scraps.  So many ideas for this baby.  I can make monogram tees, cupcakes, robots, deer, owlies, you get the idea.  Anything you have a shape for in the Silhouette library, you can cut out now with the interface and applique it to a tee!  Agh! I die with happiness.  

Lastly. . .I bought some heat transfer from Silhouette awhile back.  I would get scared just looking at it.  That's the way I am.  I have fun supplies to play with and I kinda freak out when it comes to sitting down and completing a project.  So finally, while the mister was out with the boys one night, I had the kiddies in bed and just went to town playing and cutting things with the silhouette and being super inspired by kid's tees I had seen on Etsy (I pretty much shamelessly copied them), I made these for two of my kids!



Courtney Walsh said...

Ok, I literally checked your blog moments ago and this post wasn't up yet! lol I came back to comment on the other one and POOF! A new post!

I haven't caught up on the CHA goodies, but I LOVE the ones you've shown here!! Soooo cute. I've been missing my scrap space (and scrapbooking) the past couple weeks. Maybe I'm finally over my burnout!!!:)

Jocelyn said...

oh all those scrap things you showed are so cute...i really need to get my scrappin mojo back because i am now way behind!!! i have been feeling the urge just to get my office organized so that i feel more inspired!

deana said...

Darling photo shoot! :-)

brianandcourt said...

those shirts are CUTE! love the mustache.

Sara said...

First, I am in LOVE with that mustache shirt!! Oh and everything else on this post... I need to check out the new goodies that are out. Tell your husband not to do Vegas, to do Tahoe instead, and then I can meet I am an hour away from Tahoe, but about eight hours away from Vegas. Bummer! That would have been so cool to meet up. Have fun though, i've only been there once, there's lots and lots of shopping. Look it up on line, there's an outlet mall there. They have some good stores.

chinamommy said...

OH MY... i really should turn my silhouette on and learn how to do it!
Mmmmmm....delish new scrap stuff!! I haven't put any pics in albums in WAY too long...must get on that!

Lilith said...

I spotted the same stuff!!do you know when the hambly tapeswill be available?I am checking every week on 2peas lol!

chinamommy said...

....miss you!

deer antler velvet said...

I have been visiting your site for months now and now I would just like to drop you a line “YOU ROCK!” .. thumbs up!