Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello and Happy 2012!

AAAahhhhh!  I can't believe I haven't blogged or crafted (at least paper crafted) in ages!  I know I've read other blogs where people just are uninspired or too busy to craft, but I never thought it would happen to me.  I completely got burned out.  Life happened.  No regrets either.  I am back though, and I have a tool to help me out a little with blogging now.  It's my iphone!  :)  It makes taking pictures and documenting life SO much easier for me!  Here I am a photographer, and I hate to lug around my ginormous camera to take everyday pics and then there's the uploading, backing up and editing of pics to make them "blog ready".  I was just plain lazy about it.  The irony is that the whole reason I bought it was because I longed for better looking pictures for my scrapbook pages.  Now, I just want real pictures.  I have a few favorite apps that I regularly use for my pictures.  They are:
 Instagram. . .I love that you can follow other people and see snippets of everyday life from the people you follow! Here is a view of mine
I love the reminder to take a picture everyday.  This works like Instagram in that you can follow people and they can follow you.  You earn more filters as you add people, interact and upload photos
This is my favorite photo app!  So many options for what you can do to the photo.  It's kind of like having photoshop for your iphone.  You can also upload to many sites, like FB, Instagram, Flickr from within the app.
I like this one for the Zoom.
Hands down favorite photo booth app!  You can add filters, upload to facebook and best of all - for $2 they mail you and a friend the pics.  Cool, eh?

So you my be wondering. . .it's great to have the ability to take all of these pics with your phone, but how do you get them off of your phone??   I wondered the same thing and did some researching and this is what I am doing. . .
Wirelessly uploads your pictures to your computer.  You can select the pics or just upload them all.  That way you can print them out easy peasy.
I have not used this yet, but I intend to.  You can upload them directly through the app and order pics from your iphone.  They have Instagram sizes too.
This app is great for journaling your everyday happenings.  I am using this for my Project Life this year.  

Oh yes. . .did I mention that I have jumped on the Project Life train??  I love the ease of it and using mostly journal cards and pictures and then just whatever embellies my little heart desires.!   I feel like it gives me a little more purpose.  My family is excited about contributing too.  They are my little scavengers, bringing me tidbits like receipts and tix stubs and momentos from what we do and where we go.   Even the huz is excited and going to take pics on his phone for me (which is an 8 megapixel as he likes to remind me - therefore much better quality than mine).  :)  

Here is my title page

Here is a view of some of the items I've collected so far. . .

Some of my fave goodies so far collected are:
Smash products (date stamp, tabs, stickies, pad, etc.)
Ali Edwards digital elements from Designer Digitals (I use these with my silhouette. . .see tutorial from Ali here)
Silhouette tabs and tags (I used this tutorial to create tags from Lisa Truesdale found here)
Various washi tapes
I am too impatient (and cheap) to wait on the inserts to be restocked on Amazon, so I bought the American Craft inserts that have 6 4x6 sections.  These are perfect for side by side journalers in conjunction with the 4x6 pics.  I even used my 40% off coupon from Michael's.  SCORE!  I plan to stock up on more of those. 
I am using an American Craft 3 ring binder as my PL book this year.  
So there you have it!  If you are doing Project Life or some form of it, I'd love you to link up!  I started a Pinterest board for inspo here!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Amber!! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm excited you're doing PL too...I'll be watching for your pages! Your title page is inspiring! :)