Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to normal

My husband is finally back from Las Vegas. Boy did we ever miss him. I had my kiddos sleep in bed with me - they were so excited to do so, but really it was for me too! I hate being alone. We had a super fun slumber party night on Wed, complete with Pizza and oreos and popcorn and even soda (I know, not exactly your healthful eating - but it was a special occasion!). We bought "The Gameplan" and I really loved it. Then they all sacked out in my room with sleepingbags. Even my little Xman slept in his pack n play in my room. We made such a great memory that night. Without Kyle home, I was able to get some scrapping done. I made this great little mini album about the Fall (my favorite time of year). Here are some pics (click on menu, then view sisters portfolio). . .

So excited about Valentines day. I love having another reason to eat cupcakes and buy presents for my kids and husband. Plus - vday always means date night! Yeah!! I am going to try to do some Valentine crafting today, but my laundry may suffer. =O More later! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Diann Hunt said...

LOVE the pictures! :-)