Friday, March 14, 2008

Yay!! Tournament Champs!!

Congrats to my hubby and his volleyball team for winning the tournament last night. This is their fifth win in the league, I think it's time they are bumped up to the "A" league (hint, hint). ;) Here are a few highlights. . .

and his nephew - "G"

That's how we spent our evening. Well that, and two of the girls were in a fashion show. I was a bad mom and forgot the camera. =( We spent the afternoon at my mom's because we were going to watch the movie "Dan in real life" and she didn't want to be at her house alone because the cable man was coming. . .hey - those cable guys can be scary, don't make fun! Well - we got a late start (because we were also playing around with her new magic bullet making coffee shakes! MMMMM!), so I got caught up in the movie and then realized we were due for the fashion show in 10 minutes. So, needless to say, I didn't have time to run home to get the camera. My little M did fantastic, but Z opted out at the last minute. So not like her, because she wasn't even supposed to be in the show and ASKED to be in it. She picked out her own outfit and pranced around the store in it with no worries as to who was looking, but when they wanted her to stand in front and have her pic taken she ran to me crying! Ah well - she tried.
Tonight we have a sitter and go out with the Hindles. Looking forward to yummy eats and great company. Then tomorrow we have our last upwards basketball game. We're having people over tomorrow night for games, and then Sunday is mother in law's bday - so we will go to church with her and lunch too. Busy weekend! I'm glad because it will go fast and the sooner Spring will be here! Yay!
What's going on here today:

1. Bought one of these today -

from here:
2. Thinking about getting my hair cut
3. M lost her first tooth this morning! Our tradition is mommy takes the kiddos for a shake whenever they lose a tooth (it's fun to try to fit the straw where the hole is!)
4. Clean my house
5. Upload and edit photos for scrap project working on
6. More P90X - tonight is Yoga (1 1/2 hours - UGH!) Completed Slim-n-6, and now the hubs has me doing P90X-super intense with one hour working on one part of your body with 16 minute ab routine. Not very fun, but the results are worth it!
7. Night out!

My latest scrap project:

this is the one I tried to upload the other day. . .here are a few samples of what I have done so far. . .

another. . .

(click on them to see them bigger)

just a few more. . .

one more and you can view the rest on my sistv gallery!

Okay - sorry for the super long post and picture overload!
So what's your weekend look like? Happy Friday!!

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