Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor Daddy

Conversation with my daughters in the van the other day. . .While driving, Z (the entertainer) says, "It smells like daddy in here."  Me: "What does daddy smell like, Z?"  "Does he smell like stinky car?"  Macy (the dreamer), "Yes!  Actually. . .he smells like zoo.  So does the car."  Me:  LOL!  Z:  "No he doesn't!  He smells like cupcakes and rainbows!!"  Micah (the realist):  "I think daddy smells like cologne."  
Personally - I like the "cupcakes and rainbows", but I think daddy prefers "cologne".  Kids are so much fun!  

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Marie said...

hahahahahahahaha that is soo cute!!!