Friday, November 21, 2008


Tonight I am looking forward to hanging out with my beautiful niece!  We are more like sisters.  She is quite a bit younger than me, and my niece from my husband's side of the family.  Her friendship to me is really a pleasant surprise.  Because she is younger, I dismissed the idea of us being good friends because I am a mother of four,  have been married for 10 years and quite possibly in her eyes - old.  She is in college, single, gorgeous, and young.  We had a mutual love - scrapbooking!  Early in the summer we decided to get together to scrapbook one day and it turned into once or twice a week.  We later added yummy foods and coffees to our get togethers.  Then it turned into evenings out for dinner and concerts and shopping trips.  She has become my best friend.  Such a pleasant and unexpected surprise.  I've learned to never rule out a friendship.  You never know who may become your best friend.  So this weekend she is home from college and we are going out to eat, and doing a little Christmas shopping and then maybe catching a chick flick (after all - who else will see Highschool Musical 3 with me??).  =)  

On the crafting front. . .I found a new etsy artist whose work I just love!  She has the cutest prints and embroidery patterns and more.  You can find her here.  I especially love this print.  I love finding new artists from blog links, so I thought I'd share some with you!  Yes you - my one reader, mom.  Haha!  I'm pathetic.  One more link. . .I also found this great crafting website with fun tutorials and embroidery patterns and craft book reviews. The patterns are super easy and look great framed or on tea towels.  I just finished my first project and will get a pic uploaded soon.  The site is called 
Pimp Stitch.  Have a wonderful weekend and maybe call someone who you have ruled out as your best friend.  You just never know. . .
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Callista said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out.
Have fun with your niece and what cute stuff at the etsy shop you listed. Will have to go back and check it out some more.
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!