Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catch up. . .

Well first of all. . .I missed a "Happy Birthday" post to my oldest DD, who recently turned 9! We had our first ever slumber party with her new friends from school. We (of course) went to Chuck E. Cheese and then came home and did some fun crafts, played HSM Dance Wii game (girls all screamed when I pulled it out!), and ate yummy junk food. They had a great time and it warmed my heart to see my little girlie having so much fun. She also got her ears pierced (sniff!) and now looks like a pre-teen. Man does it go so quickly! Love you so much baby!

right after getting her ears pierced!

So this weekend we had an ice storm that left us without power. We're a city of about 212,000 and they estimated that 102,00 were without power! It has left a destruction unlike any I've ever seen! I have never seen so many tree branches and trees downed before. Many of our family is without power too, and we all kind of rotate houses as our power comes and goes until the weather decides to calm down. Today it was high winds with below zero temps. Our power went out again today as a result. In spite of the aftermath. . .it is a site to behold to see the beautiful iced tree branches! Last night we carried on our tradition of eating at Clara's Pizza King with the kiddos. We usually follow this by going to the Fantasy of Lights - a fun Christmas display of lights that you drive through. Unfortunately, the power was out there too! So, instead we drove around town at other working Christmas displays and took pictures of the beauty that nature left behind. It was so much fun and then we drove around in an area addition that never disappoints with their lighting displays. The kids were just as happy and we made another wonderful memory together. Here are some of the pics we took. . .

Merry Christmas Wreath

The well-known santa and his reindeer display

view from the old Wells Street bridge - gorgeous!

My fave. . .daddy and 'lil Z

view of the city. . .

lastly - iced covered branches. . .

Hope everyone else is staying warm and cozy! Winter has certainly made her presence known here! Lol! Warmest regards,

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